My name is Dave Garden, 26 year old 'enthusiastic' fish from Blackpool. After reading a lot of poker blogs on t'internet, I thought I'd do my own....and it's probably gonna be shite (like many that I have read) but sod it. Gives me something to do whilst I'm bored at work (IT Manager for a mobile phone company - not very exciting).

I want this blog to start from now so I'm not going to go into too many of my past poker exploits. Suffice to say I have won and lost £1000's but never anything life changing (good or bad) and I'm probably break even for 2008 so far. One of the things I have started taking more seriously recently is tracking my results so hopefully I'll be able to post some graphs on here to show how I'm doing.

I'm currently playing a bit of everything. I used to play solely STTs with the odd MTT or Satellite thrown in.

This year, after a bad run on STTs, (well I say a bad run, I came home steaming drunk one night and proceeded to demolish a healthy bank roll and then some between the hours of 4am and 7am one Sunday morning) I decided to go for a bit of 6-max cash at $0.50/$1, $1/$2 and $2 / $4. Again after running up a nice healthy roll ($80 to $1700 in a week), I proceeded to spunk it off when I came home drunk and have got a graph to prove it - not that I intend to post it...it's too depressing.

......has anyone spotted the flaw in my game yet??

Anyway I intend to address this minor issue (!) by hiding my laptop somewhere I can't get it without waking up the missus.

Ok back to the present. This weekend I'm travelling across to Teesside for the GCBPT £500 Main Event. I was going to play in the Liverpool leg but there were some problems getting me registered.
I won my seat for this through the http://www.aworldofpoker.com/ (AWOP) VIP club and Virgin Poker. When I went on my STT heater I generated a fair bit of rake. Part of the rake back deal for the VIP Club is satellites to live events.

Every couple of months the top 30 rakers in the VIP club play off in 3 STTs for a live seat of their choice (prize incudes reg fee). Top 10 go into the Gold Sat for a £1000 live seat of their choice, 11 - 20 go into the Silver sat for a £500 live seat and 21-30 play for a £300 seat in the Bronze sat. I was lucky enough to bag a £500 seat earlier in the year so shall be playing this GCBPT event. Just a shame that the Virgin software (BOSS network) is such a turd pile.

For more info on the VIP Club and visit www.aworldofpoker.com/forum It's a cracking site that I use day-in-day-out. Full of friendly folks and I have met many excellent people and players through the AWOP community.

Back to GCBPT - I'm looking forward to the experience although I know it's going to be tough. My 1st target is to reach day two. I'll hopefully be able to update you on my progress as I'll be taking my laptop to the hotel. Speaking of the hotel - it's a £25 a night budget 'Metro' hotel. Looks very basic but I only need somewhere to lay my fat head at night. All the rooms have 3 beds, one of which is set above the other two in a bunk bed sort on configuration. I'm deffo sleeping on that bad boy. It'll be like being in prison, but hopefully without the bum rape.

Laying off the poker until this tournament now, but will probably put some online time in next week. Need to try and satellite into the Blackpool leg of the GUKPT but I always seem to be busy when they are on. Tried to satellite into the Sunday $250 F/O final sat on Sunday afternoon but both the 14:00 and 16:00 failed to get enough runners....probably because the players were in Thanet for Leg 8.

I've just started running a poker night at my mates pub, The Oxford in Blackpool. It's on a £5 bit of fun but it's friendly and a laugh. Could do with a few more runners so if your in the area on a Monday night at 8pm get yourself in. Used to be a bit of a rough pub, but's it's really been turned around and it's a nice family gaff now. Anyway, .Mackenzie won last night - one of the few people I know who loves to get right at it as much as I do....fkin bluff monkey.

Shit, that was a lot of waffle. GL me over the weekend. Will update next week.


luckydonut said...

Come on, everyone wants to see a trainwreck graph :)

NoCash said...

I don't think I need to post my cash graph as my STT one is tons better.

Sharkscope NoCash25 on Virgin, sit back and piss yourself laughing.

Steve H. said...

Good luck with your blog and I hope you have some circut wins soon to inspire you even more to blog about them, See you in Teeside.
Steve Holden
might not be everyones cup of tea but check it out anyway, thanks

TEAMDOBB said...

good luck in Teeside mate
welcome to blog world
link ours if ya want mate, Ive linked yours to ours.

.Mackenzie said...

Loving it. Keep up the good work fat lad.