GCBPT Teesside Report and Online Update

As promised, I thought I'd give a little report on what I got up to in Teesside at the weekend...

I Set off from Blackpool at about 10.30am and had a straight run through with little traffic. Arriving into Stockton, I couldn't help but notice that it was an absolute shit hole. No offence to anyone who lives there (Blackpool is also a dustbin) but 'kin 'el. I only really saw the industrial estate and retail parks I travelled between, but I was informed that it doesn't get much better.

Arrived at the 'hotel', Teesside Metro Inn, at about 1pm and checked in. I suppose you get what you pay for (£25 a night) as it had a shared toilet and shower. The room was about 13' x 8' and had a bunk bed, a small sink in the corner (with complimentary ants) and a 14" telly with an indoor aerial and no remote control (but it was colour!!).
There was a sign under a light on the toilet door than said 'When light is on, toilet is in self-cleaning mode'. Self-cleaning toilets?? Fuck that. It looked like a portaloo and had no bog seat so I wasn't using that. I baked my shits for the casino (and one in KFC on Sunday morning...finger licking good) and pissed in the sink in my room.
Later in the day I got chatting to one of the dealers and mentioned where I was staying...he took a lot of pleasure in telling me that it was basically a brothel and if I wanted any sleep my car would be a better option. Great.

My bunk bed and sink / toilet combo

Day 1

It's properly cramped in the card room and I'm drawn on table 2 seat 9. I hate seat 1 and seat 9 as I like to be able to see everyone fully, but in these seats the dealer is in the way. Anyway, I've had two pints the limit I set myself (and also the optimum amount of alcohol to play poker or pool) and get to work.

I have a pretty poor start trying to see cheap flops in position with mediocre holdings, only to be raised by the blinds and calling anyway. I end up jizzing about half my 10k stack with donk shit like this, but with 10 mins before the 1st break I pick up KQ in the cut-off and call an EP raise. One of the blinds flats it and we take a flop of K J 10. Blind checks, EP checks and I raise 1 k leaving me with about 3k behind. Blind flats it and EP thinks then folds. At this point I'm concerned that he's calling with a monster here as he knows whatever the next card is I'm going to shove so he's clearly playing for my stack. I send prayers for an A or a 9 and they are answered when a most beautiful Ah lands on the turn. He bets out 1k and I give it a bit of a think then shove the rest of my stack over the line. He thinks for ages before finally calling (which only leaves him with about 6k behind). I flip over the nuts and he tables KK for a set.....unlucky kentucky. River is a blank and I'm back in the room with over 10k.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about every big hand as it's boring and takes ages to type so I'll just gloss over the key ones.

I was up and down all day making some good reads (and one great one) and some pussy laydowns and bad bluffs.

A10 v AK trying to knock out a short stack...nope down from 18k to 14k

22 v KJ against a medium stack. She was pissing me off raising my blind out of position so I put her to the test.....and won. Up to about 23k.

A3 v ?A then two hands later 77 v AQ. Against the same fella, he kept raising 3.5k with weak holdings. He did it on my button so I shoved A3 suited as I was confident he was at it. He thought a while and folded. Few hands later he made the same move so I shoved again with my pair hoping for a call with overs (I'd not lost a race all day so I was happy to go for it). He called with AQ and didn't improve...laters!

AA v K6 the one and only time I saw bullets this weekend. Caught a guy with his fingers firmly in the till and got a big double up to nearly 39k. Not long later he shoved his last few thou in on my BB when I had JJ. Got even more value with a 2nd caller who I promptly chased out of the pot with a big bet on a 9 high flop.

From here I went steady to and was on about 58k going into the last hour when Dave Colclough comes to my table along with the current chip leader.

77 v KJ I 3-bet Colclough preflop with 77 which he calls. Flop is K-7-x. I check, he shoves, I call, he walks after river pops out another K to give me the boat. OYP Colclough. Glad to get rid of him though as he is a dangerous player. This put me just shy of 100k!

Watch a video of Colclough getting NoCash'd here.

Just decide to wait out the level and keep away from the chip leader (who is on about 130k). But I just can't help but gamble and end up spluffing about 18k in the last 15 minutes. I'm coming back to day 2 with 79300 (average is 42k) and 4th in chips. Good day.

Day 2

I was pretty relaxed and feeling fairly confident going into day 2 4th in chips. When I got back to my flea pit I spent a bit of time going over the days play in my head. I concluded that I was maybe getting bullied out of too many pots and was not being aggressive enough.

I knew there were a lot of below average stacks coming back for day 2 so my plan was to get involved as much as possible with them, even in race situations. My pre-match interview is here. Unfortunately this was to be my undoing and I didn't last much longer than the 1st level as the following happened...

66 into AA

AQ into AK

77 into KK (on a blind steal from the button, BB had KK...FFS!!)

and finally....33 into 44 with 10xBB left.

I couldn't even buy a suck out. So gay.

In retrospect I could have sat tight and waited for better spots and got away from most of those hands, but that wasn't my game plan. I think it showed a lack of expericence in a couple of areas of my live game as I haven't played many 2 day events (this was the 1st time I've made a day 2)......this was summed up by something one of the players on my table made to me after Day 1.

He asked what sort of games I play online and I said mostly 6-max cash and SnGs. He said he could tell this due to some of my hand selection and attempts to steal blinds etc. Either he was full of shit or was as astute observer at the table, but either way I think he hit the nail on the head. I think I need more practice at full ring (ring...l0l!)..especially live. Will have to keep going to the weekend comps at The G and do a bit more online.

So to summarise, I think I had a solid day 1 winning all of my races at the right time and hung with the best of 'em. Day 2 I played like a proper donkey and was deservedly back on the good side of the Pennines by 18:30. Disappointing not to have anything to show for 12 hours of poker but I did learn a lot including knowing what it takes to get to the 2nd day of a comp, mentally and physically. Every cloud though...it was a freeroll thanks to AWOP VIP club and I found a tenner on the floor in the smoking area! My costs for the weekend were:

Hotel / ant's nest/ portaloo / brothel (Metro Inn) = £51

Fuel = £20

Food and Drink £10

Found a tenner -£10

So maths fans that's £71 for a few days of decent poker. I would have spent double that if I stayed in Blackpool and gone out on the piss.

Online Update

I was speaking last week to DevilMeat (http://www.flipyouforit.blogspot.com/) about focusing on one particular type of poker and setting myself challenges or goals. He is currently running a HUP SnG challenge with certain rules and targets. See his progress on the UKPL boards http://www.ukpokerlife.co.uk/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=46

This is something I was planning to do for myself, not HUP, but probably something with 6-max SnGs. I was not going to set a challenge as such, just a profit target. I was thinking maybe $1000 to start with, with no set time limit, but just keep an update going on here.

BRAG ALERT!! Well last Friday I stuck £20 ($30 odd) into my stars acount and opened a $.25/$.50 cash table. By about 11am it was up to about $100. I then moved and 1/2 stacked a $.50/$1.00 table. About an hour later I'm over $200 so hit a $20 and a $30 SnG and get a 2nd and first respectively. I then do a $30 and a $50 and win both. Think I cashed one or two more after that (can't remember) but my roll is now just over $500...or half way to my target.

Of course the idea of the challenge was to focus on a particualr discipline which I haven't done and I'm also not properly tracking any of my results or employing any bankroll management. I think I'll try to reach the $1k mark 1st then worry about these trivial details :-)

Seriously though, I think I am going to focus and track results just on STTs once I'm properly rolled for $50 games using the 5% rule (so $1000...well, just over including reg fees). I'll probably play in sets of three (not starting a new game until all 3 are finished) which I'm currently comfortable with and will drop down to $30 and $20 if I drop below $600.

I've been playing on Stars as I love the software, but I also have a great rakeback deal on Virgin, although the software and BOSS Media network are pony and I'd have to track reuslts manually (I use Excel for a living though so this isn't much of a problem). I can also get good rakeback deals and deposit bonuses on iPoker (Betfred) and FullTilt.

I happy to bonus whore so if anyone else can recommend any good deals I'd be interested to hear from you.

Tonight: From £500 in Teesside to tonight's £5 game at the Oxford Pub.....lets see if I can ship it and wipe the smile of fat boy Mackenzie's face!

One thing that did cheer me up this weekend

Chelski 0 - 1 Liverpool.....GO ON RED MEN!!!

That's enough for now......laters.


Kevin Stevens said...

I think you had a better than solid day on day one Dave, You’ve made a great move with the A3 when you know your behind but know he can’t call and you’ve gambled in some good spots. That’s a fcking hard thing to do when you’re playing a pretty hefty buy-in like this. Taking you online game lives bloody hard, I’ve been playing regularly live for five years now but it’s still knowhere near my online game standard.

Do you think maybe on day 2 you talked yourself into playing a certain way and not readjusting for circumstance? I find that whenever I tell myself im playing too tight I go and have an accident with 22, to loose and I spunk away the lot with A10.

Great report really enjoyed it; think your right about spinning up to 1k before starting your challenge. Then you have the motivation to think, “well in six months if I manage it properly I could find myself thrashing the $200 for some real added income”. That’s good motivation to improve the non-playing side of your game.

NoCash said...

Cheers Kev.
I think you hit the nail on the head with the day 2 comments. I didn't adapt to the table at all. Even before I started with my strategy I should have waited and sussed out the table. Think I just tried to force the action too much and ended up playing too many hands.

With regards to waiting till I get to $1k...I just did it on my dinner break. A couple of $50 sng wins (im running so good at the minute) and some $1/$2 cash saw to that. gonna get my excel head on this afternoon and create a results tracker.

Thanks for reading!

.Mackenzie said...

Does this mean I dont have to give you that 70 notes back then rockafella? :-)

Anyway totally agree with Kev, you need to change your game accordingly. Also knowing you I bet you tilted a bit when you got down to half your stack?... Would you be shoving with pocket 3's or whatever it was if you weren't? Perhaps you should take up yoga or something.

NoCash said...

Yeah suppose there was a bit of Tilt.

Shoving 10xBB with any pair on the button with only 1 ep raiser is pretty standard though IMO.

And yes...i do want that 70 notes back you cheeky twat.

TEAMDOBB said...

Well played matey in the £500. Got ya self in great position then tbh reading ya post it seems you were in too much of a hurry to stack faster. At least ya seem to realise ya mistakes which most cant.

Good luck in ya next one and hope ya play for AWOP in forum team challenge up Newcastle which will happen soon into the New Year

NoCash said...

Yeah mate I'd deffo be up for that. Loved playing in Newcastle earlier this year although it ended up being more about the beer than the poker!

Michael said...

Hi Dave, like the blog, great tourney report from Teeside.

I've linked you up at Tolekim.blogspot.com

I also have a good contact who can offer the best loyalty bonus deal on ipoker. If you are interested leave me a message on my blog or PM me on AWOP (Milkie)