STT Challenge

I've made myself a little 6-Max STT tracker in Excel to chart my progress. There isn't much choice in the way off STTs on Stars which is why I've been playing 3 or 4 different levels. I'm probably going to shift my roll over to iPoker as I've got a good rake back deal sorted with Betfred.

Did two sets of 3 and a set of 2 this morning and got off to a shocker, but I've now made a comfortable profit for the afternoon. I'll probably post updates on this every 20 or 30 games. My first target is to be in profit after 100 games. I'll then set a new goal...I've already survived my first

Finding my time for poker a lot more limited than I'd like at the moment as I run a poker night on a Monday, play for a pool team on a Tuesday and do band practice on a Sunday. Between being a world class boyfriend and going out on the piss I don't have that much time left. I'm limited to sneaking a few games in when I'm at work at the moment. Weekend days are difficult as I don't want to play drunk or hungover....I'll work something out though. BR is currently standing at $1236.80