Cashed - Stars $109 rb/a $70k Guaranteed

Decided to have a pop at one of these last night and had a fairly deep run. 23rd from 233 with no rebuy or add-on!

I never intended to rebuy so was playing as a freezeout and ditched my usual LAG style and got back to basics with TAG. Despite numerous distractions during the rebuy period, namely my mum coming round with my neice and nephew and wanting me to fix her laptop, I still managed to get to the end of the rb period about 20th in chips.

I think I played the most solid tournament I have ever played (up until the mistake that ruined me...more on that later) and showed a hell of a lot of discipline (which is odd for me). I even kept tilt at bay the odd time I did get outdrawn. By the end of the tournament a had a VPIP of 19% which, in contrast to my usual LAG 30% - 36%, shows a pretty radical chance of style.

Went card dead after the 2nd break but managed to pick my spots and bluffed a few key pots. For once in my life I had a solid table image and was afforded tons of respect, which I used to good effect bluffing a 25BB pot with 8h9h and an AJT (1h) board to put me in the top 10 in chips approaching the bubble.

Bubble lasted about 30mins with 6 or 7 ppl with less than 20BBs. I was in about 7th place when the bubble broke, but had both 1st and 2nd in chips on my table who were trying to dominate (I looked them up during the break and they were both seasoned online MTT pros). Kept out of their way and was plodding along nicely when disaster struck....

Now for the life of me, I don't know why I did this and it kept me up a bit last night thinking about it. Approaching the 2nd cash bubble, it was folded round to me in MP with A5off. Earlier in the night I'd been dropping trash like this without a second thought, but I decided to try to take advantage of my tight image and steal the blinds with a raise to 5 k....(blinds at 800/1600/150)

I had about 52k at this point. Player directly to my left re-pops to 11kk with about 12k behind so clearly he's not folding. Now this is the weird bit. Instead of folding, I re-raised all-in. WTF!! My brain was screaming fold, but my chubby little fingers had their own ideas.

I knew as I was doing it that it was wrong, but my hands got there before my brain. What a dick end. Anyways he calls and turns AQ (something I wouldn't have risked my tourny life with against a tight player, but I'm just trying to make excuses for my shite play here!) and he flops both the Ace and the Queen. Fk my life.

I'm now left with under 30k and a few jaunts through the blinds leaves etc leaves me struggling on about 24k with blinds at 1000/2000. I finally pick up AQs and get it in against our resident chip leader who shows 10 10. I don't improve and fail to take down the pot that would have put me back in the game.

I really feel like I was playing good, disciplined poker and if not for losing my concentration at a key moment think I could have made the final. 1st prize was nearly $17k which would have made one hell of a Christmas, but alas I have to make do with $765......bugger. Gives me some hope though and I'll deffo play one of these again.

Just as an aside...the guy on my starting table must have had 10 rebuys. 1st hand after the rebuy period ended I bust him....myself and the rest of the table lol'd hard at that...poor chap.


cashbiatch said...

At least now I feel better it wasn't just me! I was exactly the same - I knew I was behind, I had no need to push with above av chips and I know the guy isn't folding - yet as my brain said fold my hands pushed my chips in. If you at Blackpool today come an say hi

NoCash said...

Ah sure it won't be the last time it's done.

Not there today, but will be playing the £100 f/o tomorrow night.

Kevin Stevens said...

I hate that, you know you can't be ahead, you know you should fold but for some reason you just have to call. I’ve heard them called brain farts and I think there's some part of your brain that just has to know what would happen if you make the call. I remember demolishing a built in wardrobe in our old flat, I’m kicking out one side of it and I look up and think “if I carry on the top’s going to fall on my head” for some reason I carried on and knocked myself out! Nice cash though mate, maybe TAG is again the new LAG after LAG became the new TAG, or something.