Dig that one out!!

Looks like this will be my first non-poker related post....and I'm gonna try and keep is short as the last few have been a bit war and peace.

The pool league started last night and I'm playing for The Oxford pub. Our first game was a bit daunting as we drew Rileys away! I've not played in a league before and wasn't too familiar with 'world rules'. Anyways our captain elects to play our 'best' players first and they manage to win one game out of five, putting us 4-1 down.

Shitter....not a good start. If they hit 5, they win and take the 3 points.

...just to add, our opponents look like a group of inbreds. Loads of dodgy facial hair, crap shirts, lisps and sister bothering. Wardy said when he first saw them, "8 people, 1 tooth". That wasn't an exaggeration.

Anyways, no pressure then as Wardy took to the table. 3 of us left to play and all of us having to win. Ward was against a fat middle aged woman who was really shit. Wardy duly destroyed her and was unlucky not to get the 7 ball.

Next up was me against this weird boy/girl/cat hybrid thing. Got off to a fairly decent start but committed a few fouls and missed a few sitters (I was about 5 pints in by this time though). Got back into it though and a nicely played, pressure 3 ball clearance at the end put us right back into the game.

Austin was up next and he hadn't been playing well over the weekend and carried his poor form over into this match (against a girl that can only be described as a Goblin). She nearly potted the black which left if over the pocket for the rest of the game and when she rolled her last yellow over the opposite pocket with Aus' last red tightly on the bottom cushion, it looked all over....but no. Aus manned up an went for the spectacular long double and managed to pull it off. Black was a formality and it was back to 4-4!
The match was then to be decided by doubles. Best of 3 frames. 1st one was over in 3 visits thanks to some good potting by Mr Ward. 2nd one was class. One of their players who had won their game decided to start heckling and generally being a twatbag. After a decent shot by one of the banjo players he decided to shout "Dig that one out!". We went on to win the game and the match in the next few visits....shouting "Dig that one out" after every pot. From 4-1 down to win 6-4 was pretty fucking sweet, especially with the cocky arsehole heckler. Went off back to the Oxford for a few pints and a bad head this morning. And to think I nearly fucked it off cause I couldn't be arsed!!
Next four matches are at home. Bring it on!


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