Poker for the Festive Period

Since donating most of my roll to the Stars fish, I don't have much to play with over the festive period. With Christmas fast approaching and a recent purchase of some new musical equipment, for the most part poker is going for a burton probably until the end of January.

I do, however, still have €160-odd left in my Virgin sponsorship fund for live events (part of the AWOP VIP Club package) so I will be playing the £100 F/O on 14th November at Blackpool G. I played one of these a few months back and it was was a really good comp....eventually went out with AA v QQ that made a flush after I hit my Ace...pfffft. With it being the Blackpool leg of the GUKPT, there should be plenty of runners although it may be heavily capped as I think the 14th is day 1b of the main event.

Only other things planned are the AWOP Xmas party which is a £40 F/O (but I'll be hammered so don't expect much from that) and to play in a few ECOOP events on iPoker....depends on funds and / or if I get chance to play some sats.