Pre-Christmas Update

Gonna do the £100 F/O at The G in Blackpool this weekend. Hoping for +100 runners. Usually a good comp this (despite the sicko beats I've had the last few times), but I think it would be better if they introduced running antes.

I'm off the the AWOP mansion next Tuesday for the £100 NLH cash game. Shan't be spunking off more that £200 live cash experience is limited to home games (profit) and drunken Saturday nights at The G (loss). It's probably -EV but, fuck it. I love a gamble.

Still planning to play at least 2 ECOOP events, but not had any time to play Sats. A straight buy-in might be on the cards, but need to watch the funds with Xmas round the corner.

The Oxford Pub poker night that I run is getting better. 11 runners last night. The banter is pretty good. Last night topic of conversation was the filthiest porn you could get hold of. I get paid in Beer which is a nice bonus.
It's 7.45pm every Monday - £5 F/O. Donktastic, but worth a fiver just to see the shit people shove with (me included)! Not to mention hearing about every one's weekend exploits and Mackenzie's fucked up taste in porno.

Week 2 of the pool league tonight at home against Pickwick Tavern (shit hole). Got myself a new cue. '57", Black with a rubber grip' was the description on ebay...thought I was looking in the wrong section for a minute (although it did give me an idea for a Christmas present for the missus). Carried over my beers from last night's poker as well so should get comfortably drunk. Get in.

Update next week with my tales of wins and losses. Or just losses.


Amatay said...

you can get some pretty filthy porn if u click on Ovguide adult section on my blog u dirrtay bastard :-)

NoCash said...

Lol! I'll check it when I get home. Don't want to walk around work with a semi on.

Amatay said...

lol, quick nuck in the work toilets imo.i'll link u upto my ghey blog fishay