AWOP's Weebrick ships Blackpool GUKPT!

Just want to say congratulations to Brian 'Weebrick' Clarke - a fellow member of AWOP - for taking down the Blackpool leg of the GUKPT. He was down to 4k in the mid stages of the tournament (Qs done by 7s) and managed to grind it back up to make the final. He was short stacked throughout the final table and through a mixture of excellent play and some good fortune, managed to win it. When he got HU with Zach Ford (GCBPT Liverpool Winner) and the chips became level, they chopped it for £75,000 each and played of for the bit that was left and the Champion of Champions seat.

Brian is also a genuinely nice fella and good player. What makes this victory even sweeter is the fact that he was free-rolling in this event as he won his seat through an AWOP VIP Club satellite (in which he took most of my chips!). Well done fella.

I visited Blackpool G myself on the Friday night and the GUKPT was in full swing and the card room atmosphere was great. I used the last bit of my Virgin sponsorship fund to play in the £100 F/O support event. It was capped at 5 tables (due to GUKPT) and had 77 alternates! Eventually ended up with 66 runners in total.

I played very tight for the first two levels (saw two flops in the first hour)...but that was mainly due to be really card dead. Only player I recognised on my table was Graham Morl who I believe is an APAT champion. I've played against him before and he's pretty solid so tried no to get too involved. Only other player of note was a guy (local I think as I'm sure I've seen him before) who was convinced I raised on each of his big blinds (this happens a lot to me) even though I had only done it once before!! It's good when this happens because when you do get a hand and pop it up you get no respect and can take down some nice pots. The guy was a laugh though and thought it was funny that we are both called Dave (lol...uncommon name then?)

It still amazes me how little attention some people pay to how others are playing. After not playing a hand for about an hour, I found KK in late pos. Raised it up a decent amount and got three callers! Cheers for the respect boys! Took it down uncontested after betting out a J high flop.

Few hands of note that help me build my stack:
Busted a short stack's AA with KJ. K on flop and turn with jack on river! Dirty (Karma got me back later - see below).
Catching 2 pair on turn with A6 against a guy who has flopped 2 pair with 64.
Getting a few medium sized pots with QQ , KK, AK etc.

After this I was going along nicely staying roughly 5K above average. With about 30 runners left I made my first real mistake which I couldn't recover from.
I raised from the C/O to 2800 (with blinds at 600 / 1200) with AA. Button called and everyone else folds.
Flop is Q 4 7 rainbow. I bet out 2400 and get a call. My first thinking here is maybe something like JJ, KQ or AQ at best...all easily within his range. I couldn't see him not reraising pre with QQ to define his hand and with two players left to act I'm sure he wouldn't be letting them see the flop cheap with the worry of As and Ks hitting. Turn is a 7.
I have to find out where I am with another bet so stick in another 2400. Again he flat calls and alarm bells start ringing. I still can't put him on QQ but A7 or 44 is my next best guess and would fit the betting pattern. He was only really showing down decent holdings previously but with such a small PFR by me he may have come along hoping to get lucky and could also explain the flop call. Also 77 crosses my mind but odds are against it with two on the board. I've not totally discounted AQ, but again I think he would have reraised the flop. River is a 2.
I check the river pretty certain I'm beat (due to the number of hands that beat my measly one pair) but he prices me in with a value bet of 2.5k into a 17k pot. I make the call and he shows me 44 for the boat.

I think I played the hand fairly bad pre-flop altough I was unlucky. There are arguments for a bigger PFR with 3 people behind. 1) is to make it look like a steal and get the blinds calling or reraising me and 2) not to telegraph the fact that I have a monster. Having said that, if I do raise more, I'm not sure I get the call from the 44 and get no action for my Aces.

Looking back on the hand I should possibly just check / call the turn or even check / fold if it's a large bet. Check on the river was fine and the value bet was good play by oppo as he forced the call with the odds I was getting. Gonna post this on a few forums and see what response I get. Probably get torn a new arsehole but I'm here to learn.

Few hands after that I'm down to 12 BBs and push from MP with 77. Run into aces (obviously) and it's home time for me.

If the G has returned to it's normal schedule I'll be down there Saturday afternoon for the £15 +1x £15 RB/A.