Played the AWOP Silver sat last night and failed miserably. My bluff frequency got the better of me and I went out in about 6th place. TBH though I just knew my A-game wasn't coming last night, but it was a freebie so no big deal.

Didn't attempt to take on any cash games or anything else after that and ended up watching a few eps of Desperate Housewives with Kel before bed (shut's a good show).

I haven't played any of the WBCOOP qualifiers yet. A lot of other UK bloggers have already got a ticket to the final so it must be easy for a man of my talents :-). I can play tonight, but I'm being tempted with free champagne and curry at my mates pub as well as the lure of an impromtu Thursday night beer session in town. My main worry with this is driving to work tomorrow morning because the filth are out in force at the moment. I can't play the 8-Game tomorrow as my mate Wardy is DJing at one of Blackpool busiest (worst) night clubs. That leaves Saturday...not sure what my plans are for then.

After writing that, I probably will play tonight. There's a bit of value there and it's not costing me anything. Hmmmmm decisions.

Live Cash Shippage

I played the AWOP Xmas party at The G in Blackpool this weekend and it was an excellent laugh. Good to catch up as well as meet new people.
The tourny was a £40 F/O (+ £10 to charity). Was actually running okay with a 20k stack by level 4 (6k starting). I knocked out PsycoDave when he shoved blind (for a laugh). I called with AJ, got another caller with A8s. Dave flipped over KK!...Hit my two outer on the turn though and dodged the other players flush draw. Dave also had a £50 bounty on his head which I took along with an AWOP mug which I lost somewhere (gave £20 back for charity though). It all came unstuck though about an hour and several beers later when I bluffed 10 5 off into AKs on a King high
I played some cash afterwards and the drink was flowing freely. I was playing £1/£1 NLH and walked away with £1700+ profit after about 5 / 6 hours. Not bad for a little donk like me!
Also playing on my table was 'The Mole' - a 20kNL cash pro who plays on Virgin. He was fairly pissed and donated a lot my way (he sat down with £1K but that's peanuts to him), but I wouldn't like to play him when he's taking it seriously. He was very talkative and was getting on everyones tits I think, but I found it really funny. Had a great laugh with him and his mates though and he officially inducted me into the 'Glenfiddich Gang'. Other players (that I can remember) on my table were AWOP members Kev B, BigbadKen and Gnashers.
Shipped £200 of my winnings to my newest missus, Kelly! Aren't I just the bollocks of a boyfriend? Gonna buy myself something nice and put a little bit of it online and see if I can run up another roll.
This week is the start of the Blogger tourny on Stars so I will probably play a couple of the qualifiers. I've also got the AWOP VIP Silver sat on'd be nice to win another of those.

Final Layout

I'm keeping it like this now. No more emo shit for me....

New Layout

Decided to muck about with some new layouts for this blog. This one is a bit ghey EMO, but I think it looks alright. Please post any thoughts.....and I know white on black makes some people's eyes bleed but as a proportion of the population they can't be that high and as I only have about 3 regular readers including me, I thought it wouldn't matter too much...

EDIT: Please bear with me....things may go a bit weird on here whilst I find a template that I like.

6-Max Cash Donk

Started my little experiment 4 tabling 50NL 6-Max, tracking my results in Holdem Manager and trying to get a decent enough sample size to plug leaks. Well, I deffo have some leaks (think Titanic).

It started off really up and down and the theme continued. After 4k hands, from a peak of being up 3 buy-ins I'm now down 4....mainly due to a bad tilt session where I pissed myself off by bluffing into the bollocks out of position with shit all and never looked back. Had about £120 left in my Betfred account so I played some Blackjack (my all time nemesis) while super tilted and spunked that off in about 4 minutes.

Once I'd calmed down a bit a took a look over my positional stats in HEM and found I was losing way too much from the blinds and EP, whereas I was very profitable from mid, c/o and button positions. I'd expected some loss from EP, but my figures were ridiculous. Obviously I'm playing too many hands OOP so when I return it's something I'll look into. My VPIP is a little high too, but hopefully with adjustments to my early position play, this should come into line. One thing I will mention though....I really enjoyed myself, which to be honest, I haven't been doing lately live or online.

Went to Edinburgh this weekend with the missus and had a really good time. It's a really nice city, but I think there are more jocks in Blackpool than Edinburgh. Did some touristy shite and loads of xmas shopping. Evenings consisted of visiting The Stand comedy club (which was surprisingly good) and getting pissed with the sweaty socks. Spent a bucket of cash though so any decent volume of poker is off the cards (see what I did there!) for a little bit. I have an AWOP VIP silver satellite to play on 17th. If by some miracle of Jesus H. Christ (don't be a's nearly your birthday) I should manage to win another of these, I'd seriously consider playing the Edinburgh GCBPT.

Already paid in for the AWOP xmas bash along with Mackenzie which should be good. Toying with the idea of playing it seriously and not getting pissed, but I cant see that happening.


Stars Blogger Tourny

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

All bloggers can play in this exclusive online poker tournament.

Registration code: 673891


Went to the G for the £100 F/O. Nothing much happened really. Was down to 1700 at one point in the 200/400 level. Managed to 5x up though when I shoved with AQ and everyone else missed! Lasted until about level 10 then shipped it with Ad10d on an A5K7 board (2 diamonds). Dinked the 10 on the river, but chip leader woman (who couldn't miss a fucking flop all night) had AK.

Excuses (pick any/all of the following):
  • Hungover.......out the previous until 4.30am.
  • Hungry.........the buffet was fucking soup! Had a bag of crisps instead.
  • Parking park was rammed. Had to pay £7 for public parking.
  • Shit band......fucking shite cover band with a woman singer who couldn't sing. She was showing off a lot of side-boob though so credit for that.

I was supposed to be going to AWOP cash game tonight but can't make it now. Probably saved me a few hundred ££'s. Sacked off ECOOP. Can't really be arsed with tournys at the minute, although I just shelled out 50 notes for the AWOP xmas do.

I was off work yesterday afternoon so finally got round to getting Holdem Manger up and running. I actually bought the full version and it's a great piece of software. I've managed to get to grips with it now and have started looking at some of it's advanced features. It's a lot easier to use the Poker Tracker imo. I particularly like the 3 and 4 bet stats.

It took me a good few hours getting my HUD setup properly as it's a bit of a pain in the arse with iPoker mini-view tables but it's working now and I'm starting to use the live stats effectively. Just 4-tabling $50NL at the minute.

Moved over to Betfred as I have an great rakeback deal as well as a bonus to clear (Diamond VIP so shouldn't take too long). Only problem with Betfred is the table skin and sounds. The table skin is looks like the 80's came in and vomited on the screen. Sounds are easily switched off, but the table skin is a bit trickier. I've bought a piece of software called ipskinner to change various aspects of the table layout including backgrounds, table shapes, card backs chips etc. Was about £13 (not got my license through yet though) but you can get a workable version for free.

Another bit of software I'm using is SpadeIT's Eyepoker. It's used to help with automatic table selection and data mining. I'm only using the data mining aspect off it at the moment. Left it running overnight and got a ton of info on the iPoker fish which it automatically adds to my HEM database. Good shit.

Just got my account sorted as well and have been watching some of the 50NL vids on there. Some excellent stuff but don't think I'm going to be stumping up $30 a month for it....Ill just try to download as much as possible before Thursday when my free trial runs out.

Off up to Edinburgh with the missus this weekend for a short break so no poker shit for me. I bet it's going to be fookin freezing.

POOL League Update
Another great win for the Oxford against a very strong looking team. I played shit in my game though. Excuse: New cue.

Football Update
Liverpool back to the top of the league! Get in.