6-Max Cash Donk

Started my little experiment 4 tabling 50NL 6-Max, tracking my results in Holdem Manager and trying to get a decent enough sample size to plug leaks. Well, I deffo have some leaks (think Titanic).

It started off really up and down and the theme continued. After 4k hands, from a peak of being up 3 buy-ins I'm now down 4....mainly due to a bad tilt session where I pissed myself off by bluffing into the bollocks out of position with shit all and never looked back. Had about £120 left in my Betfred account so I played some Blackjack (my all time nemesis) while super tilted and spunked that off in about 4 minutes.

Once I'd calmed down a bit a took a look over my positional stats in HEM and found I was losing way too much from the blinds and EP, whereas I was very profitable from mid, c/o and button positions. I'd expected some loss from EP, but my figures were ridiculous. Obviously I'm playing too many hands OOP so when I return it's something I'll look into. My VPIP is a little high too, but hopefully with adjustments to my early position play, this should come into line. One thing I will mention though....I really enjoyed myself, which to be honest, I haven't been doing lately live or online.

Went to Edinburgh this weekend with the missus and had a really good time. It's a really nice city, but I think there are more jocks in Blackpool than Edinburgh. Did some touristy shite and loads of xmas shopping. Evenings consisted of visiting The Stand comedy club (which was surprisingly good) and getting pissed with the sweaty socks. Spent a bucket of cash though so any decent volume of poker is off the cards (see what I did there!) for a little bit. I have an AWOP VIP silver satellite to play on 17th. If by some miracle of Jesus H. Christ (don't be a cunt...it's nearly your birthday) I should manage to win another of these, I'd seriously consider playing the Edinburgh GCBPT.

Already paid in for the AWOP xmas bash along with Mackenzie which should be good. Toying with the idea of playing it seriously and not getting pissed, but I cant see that happening.



TEAMDOBB said...

Have a good Xmas bash. Wudda been there but works do away-have a good un and say hello to everyone there for me

Kevin Stevens said...

Not sure what to make of that, are you saying you enjoy the Tilt sessions more than the winning ones? As the old saying goes the best thing in the world is gambling and winning, the second is gambling and losing.

I know you where looking for some help with the control aspects of poker, I've been reading the 'The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success' BY Hilger and Taylor its really helped me, you can have a lend if you want when im done.

NoCash said...

No i'm not saying I enjoyed the tilt sessions, that was the down side. I just saying that I'm actually enjoying playing again, despite the fact that I was losing.
Tilting is still an issue though so yes I wouldn't mind having a butch at that book.


Kevin Stevens said...

Ah got you, PM me on UKPL with your address and I'll wack it in the post. probable take me a few weeks to finish, I find poker books quite hard going at times.