Went to the G for the £100 F/O. Nothing much happened really. Was down to 1700 at one point in the 200/400 level. Managed to 5x up though when I shoved with AQ and everyone else missed! Lasted until about level 10 then shipped it with Ad10d on an A5K7 board (2 diamonds). Dinked the 10 on the river, but chip leader woman (who couldn't miss a fucking flop all night) had AK.

Excuses (pick any/all of the following):
  • Hungover.......out the previous until 4.30am.
  • Hungry.........the buffet was fucking soup! Had a bag of crisps instead.
  • Parking tilt...car park was rammed. Had to pay £7 for public parking.
  • Shit band......fucking shite cover band with a woman singer who couldn't sing. She was showing off a lot of side-boob though so credit for that.

I was supposed to be going to AWOP cash game tonight but can't make it now. Probably saved me a few hundred ££'s. Sacked off ECOOP. Can't really be arsed with tournys at the minute, although I just shelled out 50 notes for the AWOP xmas do.

I was off work yesterday afternoon so finally got round to getting Holdem Manger up and running. I actually bought the full version and it's a great piece of software. I've managed to get to grips with it now and have started looking at some of it's advanced features. It's a lot easier to use the Poker Tracker imo. I particularly like the 3 and 4 bet stats.

It took me a good few hours getting my HUD setup properly as it's a bit of a pain in the arse with iPoker mini-view tables but it's working now and I'm starting to use the live stats effectively. Just 4-tabling $50NL at the minute.

Moved over to Betfred as I have an great rakeback deal as well as a bonus to clear (Diamond VIP so shouldn't take too long). Only problem with Betfred is the table skin and sounds. The table skin is disgusting....it looks like the 80's came in and vomited on the screen. Sounds are easily switched off, but the table skin is a bit trickier. I've bought a piece of software called ipskinner to change various aspects of the table layout including backgrounds, table shapes, card backs chips etc. Was about £13 (not got my license through yet though) but you can get a workable version for free.

Another bit of software I'm using is SpadeIT's Eyepoker. It's used to help with automatic table selection and data mining. I'm only using the data mining aspect off it at the moment. Left it running overnight and got a ton of info on the iPoker fish which it automatically adds to my HEM database. Good shit.

Just got my DeucesCracked.com account sorted as well and have been watching some of the 50NL vids on there. Some excellent stuff but don't think I'm going to be stumping up $30 a month for it....Ill just try to download as much as possible before Thursday when my free trial runs out.

Off up to Edinburgh with the missus this weekend for a short break so no poker shit for me. I bet it's going to be fookin freezing.

POOL League Update
Another great win for the Oxford against a very strong looking team. I played shit in my game though. Excuse: New cue.

Football Update
Liverpool back to the top of the league! Get in.


Kevin Stevens said...

Your Sir are a legend, simply the best excuse for going out of a poker comp ever,

"the buffet was fucking soup!"

NoCash said...

Soup though. What a joke. Sit there for 7 hours and have soup. WTF!

Kevin Stevens said...

What flavour? I bet it was tomato. Its always tomato and I fucking hate tomato.

NoCash said...

I don't know. Didn't go near it. They told us at the table and I instantly tilt raised. Got it through though :-)