Played the AWOP Silver sat last night and failed miserably. My bluff frequency got the better of me and I went out in about 6th place. TBH though I just knew my A-game wasn't coming last night, but it was a freebie so no big deal.

Didn't attempt to take on any cash games or anything else after that and ended up watching a few eps of Desperate Housewives with Kel before bed (shut's a good show).

I haven't played any of the WBCOOP qualifiers yet. A lot of other UK bloggers have already got a ticket to the final so it must be easy for a man of my talents :-). I can play tonight, but I'm being tempted with free champagne and curry at my mates pub as well as the lure of an impromtu Thursday night beer session in town. My main worry with this is driving to work tomorrow morning because the filth are out in force at the moment. I can't play the 8-Game tomorrow as my mate Wardy is DJing at one of Blackpool busiest (worst) night clubs. That leaves Saturday...not sure what my plans are for then.

After writing that, I probably will play tonight. There's a bit of value there and it's not costing me anything. Hmmmmm decisions.


Kevin Stevens said...

Desperate Housewives, honestly the term LOL is banded around a lot but I quite literally Laughed Out loud when I read this, WP Sir.