Live Cash Shippage

I played the AWOP Xmas party at The G in Blackpool this weekend and it was an excellent laugh. Good to catch up as well as meet new people.
The tourny was a £40 F/O (+ £10 to charity). Was actually running okay with a 20k stack by level 4 (6k starting). I knocked out PsycoDave when he shoved blind (for a laugh). I called with AJ, got another caller with A8s. Dave flipped over KK!...Hit my two outer on the turn though and dodged the other players flush draw. Dave also had a £50 bounty on his head which I took along with an AWOP mug which I lost somewhere (gave £20 back for charity though). It all came unstuck though about an hour and several beers later when I bluffed 10 5 off into AKs on a King high
I played some cash afterwards and the drink was flowing freely. I was playing £1/£1 NLH and walked away with £1700+ profit after about 5 / 6 hours. Not bad for a little donk like me!
Also playing on my table was 'The Mole' - a 20kNL cash pro who plays on Virgin. He was fairly pissed and donated a lot my way (he sat down with £1K but that's peanuts to him), but I wouldn't like to play him when he's taking it seriously. He was very talkative and was getting on everyones tits I think, but I found it really funny. Had a great laugh with him and his mates though and he officially inducted me into the 'Glenfiddich Gang'. Other players (that I can remember) on my table were AWOP members Kev B, BigbadKen and Gnashers.
Shipped £200 of my winnings to my newest missus, Kelly! Aren't I just the bollocks of a boyfriend? Gonna buy myself something nice and put a little bit of it online and see if I can run up another roll.
This week is the start of the Blogger tourny on Stars so I will probably play a couple of the qualifiers. I've also got the AWOP VIP Silver sat on'd be nice to win another of those.


Kevin Stevens said...

Nice little earner that, you see if you pay homage to the God's of poker you can do no wrong. Would have liked some hand details although I suspect you don't remeber!

I played with the mole and knocked him out of the Virgin thing at the broadway (like he cares about a piddling £75 comp!) thought he was a good laugh.

NoCash said...

erm...I can remember my hands, but as for betting and opponents holdings I really can't remember so not much point in posting.

I do remeber bluffing a few big pots after showing down a lot of big hands earlier on...and an amusing bit of speech play when someone on the table is taking forever to call my reraise (I've got 2nd nut full house). Someone on the table says he thinks we have the same hand. I say I totally agree with him and just to flat call to get it over with. The guy then pushed for £
I think he showed something like 2nd pair or some shit. The Mole then told him how awful he was for the next 45 mins. lol.