Blackpool G £100 F/O

Well I've decided I'm going to play the £100 F/O at Blackpool G this weekend. I think it makes sense after I've finished 5th/6th/5th in consecutive games.

As last night was the last game at The Oxford before the league starts next week, I decided to include 1 optional rebuy or add-on which everyone took in one form or another. We only had 7 runners (most people are waiting for the league to start next Monday), but £70 in the pot wasn't too bad.

Myself and .Mackenzie chopped it, originally for £40 / £30 in his favour, as he had close to a 3/1 chip lead, but we both ended putting a fiver back in and playing it out. I ended up winning so it was an even chop on the night. Along with my £10 fee from the landlord for running the game I was up £35 on the night (not drinking helps). Add this to my weekends profits and I'm playing the £100 F/O with my poker winnings rather than my earnings so there's no scared money.

Fingers crossed for a decent buffet and not fucking SOUP!!!


Running Good Live

I've had another good weekend of live poker!! It didn't start off too great though.

Travelled down to Chorley with Mackenzie to play the £25 D/C F/O in Mr Macacan's garage on Friday night. I didn't last long and was 1st out after two standard river out draws (K10 for tpgk vs OESD - straight hits on the river, KK vs 66 which made a flush). As I was driving I had to stay behind for Mackenzie so I decided to deal. He had a pretty big stack at one point and with 5 left I had a £5 bet with a lad there that he wouldn't make a seat. He busted in 3rd making a move with some shite hand. UL and ship the fiver. We stayed for a fiver buy-in cash game and I donked off my new found wealth plus another tenner of my own. Not exactly a great start to the weekend, but met some new faces, good banter and a good laugh - and had an outstanding hotpot supper knocked up by Mrs Mac.

On Saturday night, me and my home boy Tiffer took on the £25 F/o at Blackpool G - 51 runners. I was surprised to see it was dealer dealt, although they didn't have enough for all the table so I dealt my table for an hour or so until one could be found. Played some steady poker and made the final table without too many hiccups although I was one of the shorter stacks. With 11 left, we lost one from my table quickly followed by two from the other when there was a 3-way all-in making an 8-seat FT.
Special mention has to go to Tiffer for making the FT as this was the first time he'd ever played in a Casino and was a bit nervous. It didn't help that his first table was full of mouthy young knobheads giving him shit for playing tight (non of whom made the money!).

I eventually end up busting in 7th when I shove 77 (with 7 of spades) and get a call from a young lady holding A10off (no spades). Flop comes 8 9 10 all spades but I miss all of my 20 million (17) outs to exit for £60. Not great but profit is profit and I'm happy with how I played. Tiffer came in 4th for £130! Nice one. Whilst I was waiting for Tiffer I donated a bit back on the cash game, but still in profit for the night.

Wasn't gonna play on Sunday, but after a game of 5-a-side and knowing the Liverpool game was on in the casino, Mackenzie talked me into going to The G for the afternoon £15 + 1rb + 1 add-on. This is a self-dealt comp and no one was forthcoming on the table so I once again took it upon myself to deal (FFS!!). Mackenzie failed as I did in this comp last week and was out by the first break whereas I'd chipped up nicely to 18k. I did have to take my rebuy after making a move on a fish to my right who couldn't lay down TP shit kicker, but after that I did fine. With 18k at the break and table chip leader, a £15 top-up wasn't necessary.

Just before the the table broke to get us down to the last two I was involved in a monster hand with an elderly lady to my left who only had about 1k less than me. She'd raised to 3k UTG (blind 600/1200) . It folded round to me on the BB and I have AQ. I repopped to 7k which she flatted. Flop comes Qxx with 2 diamonds. She bets min, I reraise to commit her and she shoves. I call and she shows A10d. no diamonds and I now have a monster chip lead, taking over two racks of chips my new table, much to the surprise of my new opponents.

Quite and easy ride to the final and just picked my spots and bullied the short stacks, but generally kept out of trouble. I take 65k to the final and I'm amongst the chip leaders.

It all goes a bit pear shaped here and I lost half my stack pretty quickly with some dodgy calls which have to be folded to big c-bets. We are on the bubble and I have the button with 88 and decide to make a high risk play by squeezing a EP min raise with two callers for about 35k. It fold round to the cut-off who snaps with A10. My hand holds and i'm up to around 75k.

The CL who has about 150k proceeds to donk it all off in about 3 hands (he was one of the mouthy young chavs from Tiffer's table in Saturday night's game) and I can't help but have a little chuckle at that.

A few more exits but I'm down to 50k. All of a sudden I have a stupid blowup/rush of blood to the head when it folds to me in the sb and I shove with 45o (fucking tool) and obviously the BB has AQs which holds. Out in 5th for £110, but it could have been more if my patience didn't desert me at a key moment.

I'm happy with most of my play this weekend. As poker is a form game, and I appear to be hitting some form with 3 cashes in 4 comps over the last two weekends, I'm tempted to use my profits to buy-in to the £100 F/O next weekend. I've played it 3 times before and I'm very comfortable at this level, on all 3 occasions going out very unlucky fashion - I'll not go into bad beat detail though.

It usually gets well over 100 runners generating a nice prize pool. I'll have to think about it. I'm 50/50 at the moment.

Non poker related stuff I have going on:

My weight loss bet with the g/f is going well. Did my one week weigh-in this morning and I've lost 5lbs! Still 17lbs to go. It's three weeks today since I've had a drink and I feel so much better for it. I've also sorted out my diet and starting watching the calories I take in (fuck me that sounds gay!) as well as visiting the gym twice and playing badminton and football this week. Planning on doing the same this week and hopefully I can shift another 5lbs! Knowing my luck I'll be 2lbs off the day before the bet is up and will have to take laxatives, shave all my hair off and have about 7 wanks just to make the weight.

Crashed out of the pool league cup competition on the 2nd round despite me winning my game. The team we played were pretty shit tbh, but the table was a joke and they were a bunch of spawny bastards. /Excuses


It's good to have a plan

Just a quick note with what poker I've come coming up in the next few weeks (more a reminder for me than anyone else).

Friday 23rd Jan - £25 D/C F/O Sat for £100 monthly comp at Blackpool G @ Mr Mac's Chorely Garage.
Saturday 24th Jan - £25 F/O Blackpool G Sat night donkfest.
Friday 30th Jan - My home cash game (free money night!!).
Saturday 31st Jan - £100 F/O @ Blackpool G (hopefully with a qualification seat).

Monday 2nd Feb - Start of The Oxford Poker League.
Thursday 14th Feb - AWOP VIP Club Bronze SNG Sat for any UK £300 live event.
Saturday 21st Feb - APAT Online Championships Event 2 or NPF Forum Challenge Team. Game (depends if AWOP can get a team together in time - not had much response on the forum).

Wednesday 3rd March - London Poker Masters - I'm not actually playing this festival myself but I've got 13% of 1tripz1 in the £200 HORSE event. Good luck fella!

Sat / Sun 4th+5th April - Virgin Festival @ Aspers in Newcastle.

There will be others as well, but these are the deffo's at the moment.

If anyone can recommend any decent games within an hour drive of Blackpool (Wed - Sun) then please let me know.


No Beer, Live Cash and Exercise Vomit.

It's two weeks today without touching a drop! I pretty amazed about this and although it's been difficult at times (watching the footy in the pub for example) I feel as though I'm going to get through my target of 1 month with no problems. 4 of us were doing this originally, but 1 fell off the wagon this weekend. Wardy - you are weak.

Played some live poker this weekend and had a little result, getting my first live cash of the year (excluding pub poker). I played the Saturday afternoon £15 +1 £15 R/A 'semi-freezout' at Blackpool 'G'. 2x 45 min levels then 20 mins after that, 4k starting stack and about 35-40 runners (can't remember).

It started really well with a double up after about 5 hands (25/50 level) when I found JJ and got 4 callers to my raise to 300. Bingo flop of J66. Played it slow and it checked around. Brick on the turn so I check again only for guy to my left to throw in 1k and it folds around to me. I pretend to mull it over for a while then flat call. He goes all-in before the river is even face up and I snap call for him to show A6. Doesn't river his one-outer. Unlucky pal.

I plod along nicely building my stack but annoy myself by fast playing my QQ on a QA7 rainbow flop and scaring off any potential action. At the add-on break I'm sat on about 18k. I know it's usually +EV to get the add-on, but with the prize structure being what it was (paid top 7 from 40 with £285 FTW), I didn't feel like the value was there.

After the break it's 20 minute levels and it's bingo time. Loads of shorter stacks playing shove / fold silly buggers. With it being a self-deal comp, a lady at my table kindly agreed to deal as no one was chirping up (me included). I'll never knock anyone for wanting to have a go and volunteering - in fact I'd encourage it, but fuck me she was slow. It's a good job I hit some hands early or I would have been in trouble. I volunteered to deal after the break which I've never done before, but dealing the Oxford games has given me more confidence. We were then banging along at a good rate of hands....only thing was I couldn't deal myself shit all.

I finally hit a hand when I'm down to about 9k after being blinded away, getting bluffed off a big pot and some poorly timed moves. A guy has just joined our table and doubles up 3 times in 3 hands ffs!!! He had the best hand going in each time and they held. Anyways, after this he decides to become the table bully so I put him to the test with an all-in with 1010 UTG+1. He snap-calls and I tell him he has to deal if he takes me out. I do a little fist pump when he shows 99 and tens hold.

I make the final table with about 29k in chips which is about average and there are a couple of short stacks knocking about. With the antes at 1.5k /3k I get a rush of blood to the head with 88 on the 2nd or 3rd hand. UTG limps and I shove it in hoping to take the blinds. Unfortunately the limper has KK (very drunk young lad who I later found out has brain damage! Gotta love Blackpool) and I'm crippled down to 7k. Not an optimum laddering strategy.

With one hand to go before my BB I look down at Q9 and think with 7k I have tiny a bit of fold equity with everyone but the drunk guy who is now BB, as everyone is looking to make the money. Folds round to the button who shoves (giving me protection FTW!). SB and BB fold and I'm in better shape than I thought when the button flips 55. I flop a Q and there is a glimmer of hope.

I'm hanging around and keeping my head above water stealing blinds. We lose a few short stacks and its bubble time. We are on the 2.5k/5k level when I'm on the BB with one limper. I shove 33 and get a call from a big stack with JQs. He misses and I'm back up to around average. The very next hand there is a chunky raise from mid-position. I have AK clubs and insta-shove. The guy has me covered by about 10k and calls showing A9 hearts. Two hearts and a club on the flop give me a sinking feeling, but another club on the the turn and river seal it for me and I'm up to 68k.

I proceed to donate half of this back once the bubble bursts making a play with K10s calling a reraise which was totally fucking stupid. Flop bricks out and I have to fold to the c-bet. After a few more orbits we are now down to 5 players with blinds at 3k/6k and I have around 40k (thanks to a guy who didn't want to defend his blinds on my left). Once again I look down at AK. There is one limp from UTG+1 and I shove my 40k. The guy has about 48k. He thinks for a second then decides to risk his tournament on fucking Q9s. It's only a bit worse than a flip though and obviously he spikes a 9 on the river and I'm out in 5th for £80.

It was a good laugh and keeps me out of trouble on a Saturday afternoon. I'm glad one of the regs, Christine, went on to win it outright. She played really well throughout and it was well deserved.....and she beat the villain who took me out HUP :-)

I played it again on Sunday afternoon (same comp two days running). 6 tables to start but I went out before the first break after taking my rebuy. Nothing much to report, just didn't get going. I did spin £40 up to £250 in an hour on the blackjack tables though which was probably more than I could have hoped for at the poker (getting about 7 perfect pairs really helped)!

Online I played a $33 donkament on Stars on Saturday morning but got bummed by some shit hand or other. I also played then $10 R/A 10k Gtd on Cardoza last night and came 150th from 540 runners (paid 80). That was a bit wild and I did $70 in.

I also played the $5 R/A RTR-MAD league game ( Only spent $15 on a double buy-in and top up and ended up coming 6th after starting the FT as chip lead for $0. Ran QQ in that fish Amatay's KK then tilted off the rest of my stack the next hand with JQo again to Amatay (who ended up finishing 3rd). I did however have a $10 last longer with BurnleyMik who was the 2nd person out...and I took him out! Result. Special mention to BurnleyMik as well as he must have donated at least half of the prize pool himself. I love rebuys. It's Omaha for next weeks game I think which is a fucker cause I haven't played it that much before. I did accidentally sign up for an Omaha SNG on Betfair once though and ended up winning it so you never know.

My poker league seems to have generated some interest (thanks Facebook) so I'm looking forward to that next month. Might be oversubscribed as we can only seat about 16 players, but better that than not getting enough.

I'm feeling properly fooked right now. My weight loss drive officially starts today (have to lose 22lbs by June 8th or I owe my gf a laptop) so I got into work for 7:45 to use the gym. I was fucked by quarter past 8 after some legging it on the treadmill and looking a dick on the bike. Lifted some weights to make me feel proper hard, but quickly found out that I'm not and went for a sick in the bin. Also, I was having a shower afterwards and a female cleaner just marched in and started mopping the changing rooms. Pervy old hag.

Jesus, this is a tl;dr post! As you can tell I am very busy at work today. Healthy breakfast time, but I could murder a bacon buttie ffs.

Monday Night League

Cheered up a bit after the last post thankfully! Got a few things going on now which I'm quite looking forward to.

After taking a 1st and 2nd on Monday night at the Oxford donkfest for a MASSIVE £25 profit I decided it might be a laugh to start a weekly league. Full details are on the poster (click for bigger image). I ripped the points system off from the AWOP Virgin League (thanks!) and extended it to 15 weeks. There's a nice little engraved trophy for the winner - me obviously- and a medal for the runner-up as well as cash prizes from the league pot. Should be a good laugh and hopefully get a few more punters into my mates pub on a quiet Monday night.

I've got a home game at mine a week on Friday which is looking oversubscribed. This is long overdue and we used to have a top laugh doing these last year. It's only a 10p / 20p cash games but they get so mental that £60+ pots aren't uncommon and a couple of us have had £100+ profit / loss nights at these (max £20 sitdown lol).

Ever taken a bet and though 'ah shit' as soon as you thought it through properly? I've just had this feeling. With it being New Year and time for resolutions and all that tripe, I took a bet with my girlfriend that I can lose just over 1.5 stone by my birthday (June 8th). If I can't, I owe her a laptop. Now you may be thinking....piece of piss in 6 months....however I'm a lazy fucker with a terrible diet. My job involves me sitting at a desk all day so I don't get any exercise that way and I'm the one of the least motivated people I know....well I get motivated (like now) then I will quickly lose enthusiasm when I realise something is hard work. The flip side to this is I fucking hate losing and I'm not about to lose £300 to £400 on something like this. It'll be interesting to see which side wins through.

I'm willing to take outside action on myself at 2:1 if anyone is interested. I'm currently 13st 4lbs and the target is 11st 10lbs (22lbs maths fans). I'll video my weigh-ins to ensure it's all above board - leave me a comment or email me before Monday 19th Jan if you are interested. Gym sessions start on Monday morning at the work gym - well that's the plan anyway.

Pool went really well last night and I actually won my game!!! Get in! We also won the match with a great display against the joint league leaders, which puts us at least joint 2nd in the league and maybe joint top if the other leaders lost again. I think the problem is with my cue (yeah, yeah). I've not actually won a match with it - I used Wardy's cue for the first time last night and I go and win. My tip is a bit too fine and flat I think. The smaller surface area creates more spin than I want and makes power difficult to judge. That's my excuse anyway...and don't actually know anything about cue tips or spin mechanics but it sounds good.

Er, better end on something poker related....

nah bollocks to it.

Back to Basics

I'm officially shit at poker. Well pretty shit. Just not getting anywhere at the moment in cash, sit n gays or MTTs. My best result since beginning of December is 1st in a 30 man $5 SNG. I didn't get anywhere in the APAT event (got done by a fish with a well hidden turned straight against my overpair - standard for me atm). Failed miserably in the RTR-MAD $5 donkament as well.

My plan now is just to sit in 10NL and 20NL 6-Max tables, get some hands in and not play a donkamanet over $10 and just grind away for a bit. If I can get a few results in these games then maybe I can get a bit of confidence back. If I don't see an improvement by the end of the month then February is going to be my first poker-free month in ages.

Full Tilt are doing my fucking head in at the moment as well. They suspended my account when I tried to send over to money to Kev Stevens for a HUP stake. I have sent them all the details they requested (drivers license, bank card and statement showing FT transaction) and they mailed back saying the statement doesn't show the FT transaction. It shows on my statement as 'SIMPLYSELL.NET', but that's the only $120 outgoing I have on my account pretty much ever so it must be the FT transaction and the cash went into my FT account before they suspended it. Now I can't even login to the account at all whereas I could before. If they nick that money off me I'm off to burn their offices down. Bunch of bell-ends.

As if things couldn't get any worse, I got beat by a withered old zombie in the pool league last week (luckily the team still won). This guy looked about 120 years old, couldn't walk properly, hold the cue or even see. He fouled his first shot and then decided to use a yellow as the cue ball a few shots later....AND I STILL LOST!!!!! Fuck me, I just wanted the ground to swallow me was that bad. I put it down to the pressure of trying my best not to laugh at the poor fella and the fact that I thought it was just too easy to win. FML!

Just reading back through this post and it's depressing. Can you tell I've been off the beer for a week?

Slow Start

Not had the best of starts to the year poker-wise, but by no means the worst. Played 5 or 6 MTTs on Stars and iPoker and got nowhere. Some particularly bad luck on Stars, but that's variance at low volumes for you. No point worrying about that. Also played a fair few $10 SNGs on iPoker and really getting back into them now, but balanced out those winnings with a bit of a cash loss. Nothing major, only a few $$ down though so not too bothered yet.

I'm looking forward to getting involved in APAT Season 3 ( online events. 1st one is this Saturday. The only APAT event I've played before was the Forum Challenge last year which was very well run and was a good laugh....but I played shite. Looks like a good season though at a decent price so I expect to play most of the online games, time permitting.

I've staked Kev Stevens ( $120 for a HUP challenge...well..I will do as soon as Full Tilt unblock my account!. You can read about it on his blog, but the results for his current challenge are looking pretty impressive and I have every confidence that he can get us a nice return - no pressure Kev! Seriously though, his current results speak for themselves and he has a solid winrate over 750+ games (16% ROI....shippit!) and even if it goes wrong it's not an earth shattering amount of coin to lose. This is my first proper venture into staking and hopefully the first of many.....I reckon there's a lot to be made for minimal effort if you can back the right horses. Maybe someone will be stupid enough to stake me one day! (Stars Sunday Warm Up anyone?

After the excesses of the festive period (16 hr sessions are not a good idea) I've decided to give up drinking for a month at least. I have probably averaged at least one night out a week, maybe more, since I was 18 so it's time to cut it down a bit. I'm not in the best shape to say the least so might be time to start looking after myself more. Being constantly tired we little motivation for anything is starting to get me down! I suppose everyone feels like this is some way over new year, but I really need to sort myself out so there's no time like the present.

Pool league starts again tonight and we are just coming off the back of two narrow losses so we need to put in a decent performance tonight. We did win our cup game though so are through to the next round to be played next month.

Still running the Oxford Pub poker night on a Monday, but I'm finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about a £5 game and dealing all night round a cramped table. Now I'm not drinking I'm doing it for free as well! Might have to have a word about that.



Apologies...I've had to change my template again as the other one went for a burton.

I didn't play much poker at all over Xmas mainly due to not being arsed and being quite pissed a lot of the time. Did play a couple of MTTs (about $20 each) but no major results. Played a bit of live cash again the other night though and that was profitable.

Lost a bit of enthusiasm for the game recently. Signed up for a couple of tournys the other night, but unregistered a few minutes later as I knew I couldn't be arsed and it would be a waste of money. Dunno...played a lot in 2008 for a pretty much break-even year and not sure I want to commit that much time for so little return....having said that I do have a couple of things planned..

Season 3 of APAT has been announced and I like the look of the online events. I also have a ticket for the Virgin Festival in April which is always a laugh. I'm supposed to be playing for Team AWOP in the Newcastle Team Event in February, but I don't think I can get the time off work for it so might be giving that a miss.

Probably just need a few results to get me interested again...who knows?? Over the last 12 months my game has improved massively on the technical side, but still not quite there with the mental aspect (hence this post). Maybe focussing on quality rather than quantity should be the way forward. I intend to track every penny of poker profit/loss this year so I can make an accurate evalutation of my performance.

Hopefully the next post will be a nice result!