Blackpool G £100 F/O

Well I've decided I'm going to play the £100 F/O at Blackpool G this weekend. I think it makes sense after I've finished 5th/6th/5th in consecutive games.

As last night was the last game at The Oxford before the league starts next week, I decided to include 1 optional rebuy or add-on which everyone took in one form or another. We only had 7 runners (most people are waiting for the league to start next Monday), but £70 in the pot wasn't too bad.

Myself and .Mackenzie chopped it, originally for £40 / £30 in his favour, as he had close to a 3/1 chip lead, but we both ended putting a fiver back in and playing it out. I ended up winning so it was an even chop on the night. Along with my £10 fee from the landlord for running the game I was up £35 on the night (not drinking helps). Add this to my weekends profits and I'm playing the £100 F/O with my poker winnings rather than my earnings so there's no scared money.

Fingers crossed for a decent buffet and not fucking SOUP!!!



Kevin Stevens said...

GL Sir, hope it's minestrone ;)

cashbiatch said...

dunno if my previous comment is there or not - anyway gl (PC probs lol)