Apologies...I've had to change my template again as the other one went for a burton.

I didn't play much poker at all over Xmas mainly due to not being arsed and being quite pissed a lot of the time. Did play a couple of MTTs (about $20 each) but no major results. Played a bit of live cash again the other night though and that was profitable.

Lost a bit of enthusiasm for the game recently. Signed up for a couple of tournys the other night, but unregistered a few minutes later as I knew I couldn't be arsed and it would be a waste of money. Dunno...played a lot in 2008 for a pretty much break-even year and not sure I want to commit that much time for so little return....having said that I do have a couple of things planned..

Season 3 of APAT has been announced and I like the look of the online events. I also have a ticket for the Virgin Festival in April which is always a laugh. I'm supposed to be playing for Team AWOP in the Newcastle Team Event in February, but I don't think I can get the time off work for it so might be giving that a miss.

Probably just need a few results to get me interested again...who knows?? Over the last 12 months my game has improved massively on the technical side, but still not quite there with the mental aspect (hence this post). Maybe focussing on quality rather than quantity should be the way forward. I intend to track every penny of poker profit/loss this year so I can make an accurate evalutation of my performance.

Hopefully the next post will be a nice result!


Amatay said...

gl for 09 and come to Newcastle ya fish

Kevin Stevens said...

is'nt that a good developement for you to unreg in that spot? think about it, how often would you have just spunked away your buy-ins. Seems like your developing a good sense of your on mental states, thats got to be good.

I'm done with that poker mindset book if you want a borrow. just let me klnow where to post it.

Would be chuffed if your interested in staking me, to be honest I don't care what site really so pick anywhere you can move money from one player to another.

To be honest I don't really need the money as I have plenty online, I just like having a partner, its like a security measure as it makes me play my best as I want to deliver.

Cheers Kev

Kevin Stevens said...

Can't really do star's as I still have to win the last $200 to complete my 1K commitment with Squirmy.
Maybe well leave it till after I finish that mate, thanks.

As I say PM me on RtR and I'll ship that book up.

Cheers Kev

TEAMDOBB said...

gl in 2009 and quality over quanity is a good move imo
hope to see ya in Feb