Back to Basics

I'm officially shit at poker. Well pretty shit. Just not getting anywhere at the moment in cash, sit n gays or MTTs. My best result since beginning of December is 1st in a 30 man $5 SNG. I didn't get anywhere in the APAT event (got done by a fish with a well hidden turned straight against my overpair - standard for me atm). Failed miserably in the RTR-MAD $5 donkament as well.

My plan now is just to sit in 10NL and 20NL 6-Max tables, get some hands in and not play a donkamanet over $10 and just grind away for a bit. If I can get a few results in these games then maybe I can get a bit of confidence back. If I don't see an improvement by the end of the month then February is going to be my first poker-free month in ages.

Full Tilt are doing my fucking head in at the moment as well. They suspended my account when I tried to send over to money to Kev Stevens for a HUP stake. I have sent them all the details they requested (drivers license, bank card and statement showing FT transaction) and they mailed back saying the statement doesn't show the FT transaction. It shows on my statement as 'SIMPLYSELL.NET', but that's the only $120 outgoing I have on my account pretty much ever so it must be the FT transaction and the cash went into my FT account before they suspended it. Now I can't even login to the account at all whereas I could before. If they nick that money off me I'm off to burn their offices down. Bunch of bell-ends.

As if things couldn't get any worse, I got beat by a withered old zombie in the pool league last week (luckily the team still won). This guy looked about 120 years old, couldn't walk properly, hold the cue or even see. He fouled his first shot and then decided to use a yellow as the cue ball a few shots later....AND I STILL LOST!!!!! Fuck me, I just wanted the ground to swallow me was that bad. I put it down to the pressure of trying my best not to laugh at the poor fella and the fact that I thought it was just too easy to win. FML!

Just reading back through this post and it's depressing. Can you tell I've been off the beer for a week?


Kevin Stevens said...

LOL, the pool stuff made me laugh mate! He might have been hustling you, after he did that with the cue ball did he suggest making the game interesting or something simmilar?

Screw Full tilt, sorry about all that shizzle.

NoCash said...

Would've pissed myself if he ran off down the street Kaiser Soze style

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Full Tilt seem to be doing some very weird shit lately. I find it hard to believe how shit their customer support is when they have some of the world's biggest names on their books.

Don't they tell them how crap they are? I guess they are only interested in the money they are receiving now

NoCash said...

Just got in to work this morning and got an email saying it's now unlocked. At fucking last! Think I gave them everything apart from my inside leg measurement. Think I'll just stick with Stars and ipoker. Never had any problems with them.

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