It's good to have a plan

Just a quick note with what poker I've come coming up in the next few weeks (more a reminder for me than anyone else).

Friday 23rd Jan - £25 D/C F/O Sat for £100 monthly comp at Blackpool G @ Mr Mac's Chorely Garage.
Saturday 24th Jan - £25 F/O Blackpool G Sat night donkfest.
Friday 30th Jan - My home cash game (free money night!!).
Saturday 31st Jan - £100 F/O @ Blackpool G (hopefully with a qualification seat).

Monday 2nd Feb - Start of The Oxford Poker League.
Thursday 14th Feb - AWOP VIP Club Bronze SNG Sat for any UK £300 live event.
Saturday 21st Feb - APAT Online Championships Event 2 or NPF Forum Challenge Team. Game (depends if AWOP can get a team together in time - not had much response on the forum).

Wednesday 3rd March - London Poker Masters - I'm not actually playing this festival myself but I've got 13% of 1tripz1 in the £200 HORSE event. Good luck fella!

Sat / Sun 4th+5th April - Virgin Festival @ Aspers in Newcastle.

There will be others as well, but these are the deffo's at the moment.

If anyone can recommend any decent games within an hour drive of Blackpool (Wed - Sun) then please let me know.



Bossanova21 said...

linked you up too mate, thanks

Kevin Stevens said...

Dave could you do us a favour and post the details for the LPM HORSE event. Just moved house and no internet connection and work won't let me look at most poker sites.