Monday Night League

Cheered up a bit after the last post thankfully! Got a few things going on now which I'm quite looking forward to.

After taking a 1st and 2nd on Monday night at the Oxford donkfest for a MASSIVE £25 profit I decided it might be a laugh to start a weekly league. Full details are on the poster (click for bigger image). I ripped the points system off from the AWOP Virgin League (thanks!) and extended it to 15 weeks. There's a nice little engraved trophy for the winner - me obviously- and a medal for the runner-up as well as cash prizes from the league pot. Should be a good laugh and hopefully get a few more punters into my mates pub on a quiet Monday night.

I've got a home game at mine a week on Friday which is looking oversubscribed. This is long overdue and we used to have a top laugh doing these last year. It's only a 10p / 20p cash games but they get so mental that £60+ pots aren't uncommon and a couple of us have had £100+ profit / loss nights at these (max £20 sitdown lol).

Ever taken a bet and though 'ah shit' as soon as you thought it through properly? I've just had this feeling. With it being New Year and time for resolutions and all that tripe, I took a bet with my girlfriend that I can lose just over 1.5 stone by my birthday (June 8th). If I can't, I owe her a laptop. Now you may be thinking....piece of piss in 6 months....however I'm a lazy fucker with a terrible diet. My job involves me sitting at a desk all day so I don't get any exercise that way and I'm the one of the least motivated people I know....well I get motivated (like now) then I will quickly lose enthusiasm when I realise something is hard work. The flip side to this is I fucking hate losing and I'm not about to lose £300 to £400 on something like this. It'll be interesting to see which side wins through.

I'm willing to take outside action on myself at 2:1 if anyone is interested. I'm currently 13st 4lbs and the target is 11st 10lbs (22lbs maths fans). I'll video my weigh-ins to ensure it's all above board - leave me a comment or email me before Monday 19th Jan if you are interested. Gym sessions start on Monday morning at the work gym - well that's the plan anyway.

Pool went really well last night and I actually won my game!!! Get in! We also won the match with a great display against the joint league leaders, which puts us at least joint 2nd in the league and maybe joint top if the other leaders lost again. I think the problem is with my cue (yeah, yeah). I've not actually won a match with it - I used Wardy's cue for the first time last night and I go and win. My tip is a bit too fine and flat I think. The smaller surface area creates more spin than I want and makes power difficult to judge. That's my excuse anyway...and don't actually know anything about cue tips or spin mechanics but it sounds good.

Er, better end on something poker related....

nah bollocks to it.


poker outings for a confused mind said...

thanks dude, i added you too. gl at the tables!