No Beer, Live Cash and Exercise Vomit.

It's two weeks today without touching a drop! I pretty amazed about this and although it's been difficult at times (watching the footy in the pub for example) I feel as though I'm going to get through my target of 1 month with no problems. 4 of us were doing this originally, but 1 fell off the wagon this weekend. Wardy - you are weak.

Played some live poker this weekend and had a little result, getting my first live cash of the year (excluding pub poker). I played the Saturday afternoon £15 +1 £15 R/A 'semi-freezout' at Blackpool 'G'. 2x 45 min levels then 20 mins after that, 4k starting stack and about 35-40 runners (can't remember).

It started really well with a double up after about 5 hands (25/50 level) when I found JJ and got 4 callers to my raise to 300. Bingo flop of J66. Played it slow and it checked around. Brick on the turn so I check again only for guy to my left to throw in 1k and it folds around to me. I pretend to mull it over for a while then flat call. He goes all-in before the river is even face up and I snap call for him to show A6. Doesn't river his one-outer. Unlucky pal.

I plod along nicely building my stack but annoy myself by fast playing my QQ on a QA7 rainbow flop and scaring off any potential action. At the add-on break I'm sat on about 18k. I know it's usually +EV to get the add-on, but with the prize structure being what it was (paid top 7 from 40 with £285 FTW), I didn't feel like the value was there.

After the break it's 20 minute levels and it's bingo time. Loads of shorter stacks playing shove / fold silly buggers. With it being a self-deal comp, a lady at my table kindly agreed to deal as no one was chirping up (me included). I'll never knock anyone for wanting to have a go and volunteering - in fact I'd encourage it, but fuck me she was slow. It's a good job I hit some hands early or I would have been in trouble. I volunteered to deal after the break which I've never done before, but dealing the Oxford games has given me more confidence. We were then banging along at a good rate of hands....only thing was I couldn't deal myself shit all.

I finally hit a hand when I'm down to about 9k after being blinded away, getting bluffed off a big pot and some poorly timed moves. A guy has just joined our table and doubles up 3 times in 3 hands ffs!!! He had the best hand going in each time and they held. Anyways, after this he decides to become the table bully so I put him to the test with an all-in with 1010 UTG+1. He snap-calls and I tell him he has to deal if he takes me out. I do a little fist pump when he shows 99 and tens hold.

I make the final table with about 29k in chips which is about average and there are a couple of short stacks knocking about. With the antes at 1.5k /3k I get a rush of blood to the head with 88 on the 2nd or 3rd hand. UTG limps and I shove it in hoping to take the blinds. Unfortunately the limper has KK (very drunk young lad who I later found out has brain damage! Gotta love Blackpool) and I'm crippled down to 7k. Not an optimum laddering strategy.

With one hand to go before my BB I look down at Q9 and think with 7k I have tiny a bit of fold equity with everyone but the drunk guy who is now BB, as everyone is looking to make the money. Folds round to the button who shoves (giving me protection FTW!). SB and BB fold and I'm in better shape than I thought when the button flips 55. I flop a Q and there is a glimmer of hope.

I'm hanging around and keeping my head above water stealing blinds. We lose a few short stacks and its bubble time. We are on the 2.5k/5k level when I'm on the BB with one limper. I shove 33 and get a call from a big stack with JQs. He misses and I'm back up to around average. The very next hand there is a chunky raise from mid-position. I have AK clubs and insta-shove. The guy has me covered by about 10k and calls showing A9 hearts. Two hearts and a club on the flop give me a sinking feeling, but another club on the the turn and river seal it for me and I'm up to 68k.

I proceed to donate half of this back once the bubble bursts making a play with K10s calling a reraise which was totally fucking stupid. Flop bricks out and I have to fold to the c-bet. After a few more orbits we are now down to 5 players with blinds at 3k/6k and I have around 40k (thanks to a guy who didn't want to defend his blinds on my left). Once again I look down at AK. There is one limp from UTG+1 and I shove my 40k. The guy has about 48k. He thinks for a second then decides to risk his tournament on fucking Q9s. It's only a bit worse than a flip though and obviously he spikes a 9 on the river and I'm out in 5th for £80.

It was a good laugh and keeps me out of trouble on a Saturday afternoon. I'm glad one of the regs, Christine, went on to win it outright. She played really well throughout and it was well deserved.....and she beat the villain who took me out HUP :-)

I played it again on Sunday afternoon (same comp two days running). 6 tables to start but I went out before the first break after taking my rebuy. Nothing much to report, just didn't get going. I did spin £40 up to £250 in an hour on the blackjack tables though which was probably more than I could have hoped for at the poker (getting about 7 perfect pairs really helped)!

Online I played a $33 donkament on Stars on Saturday morning but got bummed by some shit hand or other. I also played then $10 R/A 10k Gtd on Cardoza last night and came 150th from 540 runners (paid 80). That was a bit wild and I did $70 in.

I also played the $5 R/A RTR-MAD league game ( Only spent $15 on a double buy-in and top up and ended up coming 6th after starting the FT as chip lead for $0. Ran QQ in that fish Amatay's KK then tilted off the rest of my stack the next hand with JQo again to Amatay (who ended up finishing 3rd). I did however have a $10 last longer with BurnleyMik who was the 2nd person out...and I took him out! Result. Special mention to BurnleyMik as well as he must have donated at least half of the prize pool himself. I love rebuys. It's Omaha for next weeks game I think which is a fucker cause I haven't played it that much before. I did accidentally sign up for an Omaha SNG on Betfair once though and ended up winning it so you never know.

My poker league seems to have generated some interest (thanks Facebook) so I'm looking forward to that next month. Might be oversubscribed as we can only seat about 16 players, but better that than not getting enough.

I'm feeling properly fooked right now. My weight loss drive officially starts today (have to lose 22lbs by June 8th or I owe my gf a laptop) so I got into work for 7:45 to use the gym. I was fucked by quarter past 8 after some legging it on the treadmill and looking a dick on the bike. Lifted some weights to make me feel proper hard, but quickly found out that I'm not and went for a sick in the bin. Also, I was having a shower afterwards and a female cleaner just marched in and started mopping the changing rooms. Pervy old hag.

Jesus, this is a tl;dr post! As you can tell I am very busy at work today. Healthy breakfast time, but I could murder a bacon buttie ffs.


Kevin Stevens said...

That Q9 calls a doozey, what's the deal with that then? bit of history or was he pissed

NoCash said...

No, no history with him really. He joined my table about 30 mins before the final and bluffed me off a decent sized pot. Other than that we hadn't been involved in anything major together.

he wasn't pissed at all, just some pleasant old twat.