Running Good Live

I've had another good weekend of live poker!! It didn't start off too great though.

Travelled down to Chorley with Mackenzie to play the £25 D/C F/O in Mr Macacan's garage on Friday night. I didn't last long and was 1st out after two standard river out draws (K10 for tpgk vs OESD - straight hits on the river, KK vs 66 which made a flush). As I was driving I had to stay behind for Mackenzie so I decided to deal. He had a pretty big stack at one point and with 5 left I had a £5 bet with a lad there that he wouldn't make a seat. He busted in 3rd making a move with some shite hand. UL and ship the fiver. We stayed for a fiver buy-in cash game and I donked off my new found wealth plus another tenner of my own. Not exactly a great start to the weekend, but met some new faces, good banter and a good laugh - and had an outstanding hotpot supper knocked up by Mrs Mac.

On Saturday night, me and my home boy Tiffer took on the £25 F/o at Blackpool G - 51 runners. I was surprised to see it was dealer dealt, although they didn't have enough for all the table so I dealt my table for an hour or so until one could be found. Played some steady poker and made the final table without too many hiccups although I was one of the shorter stacks. With 11 left, we lost one from my table quickly followed by two from the other when there was a 3-way all-in making an 8-seat FT.
Special mention has to go to Tiffer for making the FT as this was the first time he'd ever played in a Casino and was a bit nervous. It didn't help that his first table was full of mouthy young knobheads giving him shit for playing tight (non of whom made the money!).

I eventually end up busting in 7th when I shove 77 (with 7 of spades) and get a call from a young lady holding A10off (no spades). Flop comes 8 9 10 all spades but I miss all of my 20 million (17) outs to exit for £60. Not great but profit is profit and I'm happy with how I played. Tiffer came in 4th for £130! Nice one. Whilst I was waiting for Tiffer I donated a bit back on the cash game, but still in profit for the night.

Wasn't gonna play on Sunday, but after a game of 5-a-side and knowing the Liverpool game was on in the casino, Mackenzie talked me into going to The G for the afternoon £15 + 1rb + 1 add-on. This is a self-dealt comp and no one was forthcoming on the table so I once again took it upon myself to deal (FFS!!). Mackenzie failed as I did in this comp last week and was out by the first break whereas I'd chipped up nicely to 18k. I did have to take my rebuy after making a move on a fish to my right who couldn't lay down TP shit kicker, but after that I did fine. With 18k at the break and table chip leader, a £15 top-up wasn't necessary.

Just before the the table broke to get us down to the last two I was involved in a monster hand with an elderly lady to my left who only had about 1k less than me. She'd raised to 3k UTG (blind 600/1200) . It folded round to me on the BB and I have AQ. I repopped to 7k which she flatted. Flop comes Qxx with 2 diamonds. She bets min, I reraise to commit her and she shoves. I call and she shows A10d. no diamonds and I now have a monster chip lead, taking over two racks of chips my new table, much to the surprise of my new opponents.

Quite and easy ride to the final and just picked my spots and bullied the short stacks, but generally kept out of trouble. I take 65k to the final and I'm amongst the chip leaders.

It all goes a bit pear shaped here and I lost half my stack pretty quickly with some dodgy calls which have to be folded to big c-bets. We are on the bubble and I have the button with 88 and decide to make a high risk play by squeezing a EP min raise with two callers for about 35k. It fold round to the cut-off who snaps with A10. My hand holds and i'm up to around 75k.

The CL who has about 150k proceeds to donk it all off in about 3 hands (he was one of the mouthy young chavs from Tiffer's table in Saturday night's game) and I can't help but have a little chuckle at that.

A few more exits but I'm down to 50k. All of a sudden I have a stupid blowup/rush of blood to the head when it folds to me in the sb and I shove with 45o (fucking tool) and obviously the BB has AQs which holds. Out in 5th for £110, but it could have been more if my patience didn't desert me at a key moment.

I'm happy with most of my play this weekend. As poker is a form game, and I appear to be hitting some form with 3 cashes in 4 comps over the last two weekends, I'm tempted to use my profits to buy-in to the £100 F/O next weekend. I've played it 3 times before and I'm very comfortable at this level, on all 3 occasions going out very unlucky fashion - I'll not go into bad beat detail though.

It usually gets well over 100 runners generating a nice prize pool. I'll have to think about it. I'm 50/50 at the moment.

Non poker related stuff I have going on:

My weight loss bet with the g/f is going well. Did my one week weigh-in this morning and I've lost 5lbs! Still 17lbs to go. It's three weeks today since I've had a drink and I feel so much better for it. I've also sorted out my diet and starting watching the calories I take in (fuck me that sounds gay!) as well as visiting the gym twice and playing badminton and football this week. Planning on doing the same this week and hopefully I can shift another 5lbs! Knowing my luck I'll be 2lbs off the day before the bet is up and will have to take laxatives, shave all my hair off and have about 7 wanks just to make the weight.

Crashed out of the pool league cup competition on the 2nd round despite me winning my game. The team we played were pretty shit tbh, but the table was a joke and they were a bunch of spawny bastards. /Excuses



Kevin Stevens said...

Nice form Sir, get stuck into that £100. Make hay whilst the sun is shinning.

NoCash said...

I'm leaning more towards playing it i think. I'm not playing anything online at all atm so why the hell not.