Slow Start

Not had the best of starts to the year poker-wise, but by no means the worst. Played 5 or 6 MTTs on Stars and iPoker and got nowhere. Some particularly bad luck on Stars, but that's variance at low volumes for you. No point worrying about that. Also played a fair few $10 SNGs on iPoker and really getting back into them now, but balanced out those winnings with a bit of a cash loss. Nothing major, only a few $$ down though so not too bothered yet.

I'm looking forward to getting involved in APAT Season 3 ( online events. 1st one is this Saturday. The only APAT event I've played before was the Forum Challenge last year which was very well run and was a good laugh....but I played shite. Looks like a good season though at a decent price so I expect to play most of the online games, time permitting.

I've staked Kev Stevens ( $120 for a HUP challenge...well..I will do as soon as Full Tilt unblock my account!. You can read about it on his blog, but the results for his current challenge are looking pretty impressive and I have every confidence that he can get us a nice return - no pressure Kev! Seriously though, his current results speak for themselves and he has a solid winrate over 750+ games (16% ROI....shippit!) and even if it goes wrong it's not an earth shattering amount of coin to lose. This is my first proper venture into staking and hopefully the first of many.....I reckon there's a lot to be made for minimal effort if you can back the right horses. Maybe someone will be stupid enough to stake me one day! (Stars Sunday Warm Up anyone?

After the excesses of the festive period (16 hr sessions are not a good idea) I've decided to give up drinking for a month at least. I have probably averaged at least one night out a week, maybe more, since I was 18 so it's time to cut it down a bit. I'm not in the best shape to say the least so might be time to start looking after myself more. Being constantly tired we little motivation for anything is starting to get me down! I suppose everyone feels like this is some way over new year, but I really need to sort myself out so there's no time like the present.

Pool league starts again tonight and we are just coming off the back of two narrow losses so we need to put in a decent performance tonight. We did win our cup game though so are through to the next round to be played next month.

Still running the Oxford Pub poker night on a Monday, but I'm finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about a £5 game and dealing all night round a cramped table. Now I'm not drinking I'm doing it for free as well! Might have to have a word about that.



Kevin Stevens said...

Hello Mate, have shipped that book up. Did'nt know what paostage to pay and could'nt be arsed to go to the post office so just jammed a load of stamps on. Should be enough to cover but if not let me know.

looking forward to the stakeage, I had a good solid reacord on Full tilt (although my sharkscope looks like a train wreck) especially at HUP. I had to really tone my ganme down when moving to stars so might need to make some re-adjustments.

Kevin Stevens said...

Glad it got there, remeber though the first time you pick it up your going to think, "that's shit, I know all this" but if you put the time into it acts as a good sort of reminder of the poker player you once wanted to be.

Amatay said...

how do u get those tabs at the top of ur blog m8??

NoCash said...

In the layout bit on the blog editor i just dragged the links gadget to the top of the screen.

Don't know if that's just for this particular layout or not though?