Killed My BR Again and Some Sad News

About time I updated this I think...

Played a lot online at the beginning of the month and ran really well in the $0.10/$0.20 games on iPoker. Ran up $200 profit and withdrew my initial deposit. Nice. Then took a few massive short stack shots shots at $1/$2 and $2/$4 for a laugh and was quickly sitting (with the odd bit of luck) on $825 and had a nice spikey graph. Not bad for little over 6k hands.

Then I decided to grind $50NL and had a horrible session which tilted the hell out of me. Took a tilt shot at $2/$4 to try and win back the few BIs I'd lost then lost the lot. Idiot. But I'm over it.

Limiting myself to $100 a month online now I think. See how it goes in March. I've had enough for this month.

Not played much live apart from the Oxford Poker League. After winning week 1 I had a shocker in week 2 and went out 2nd last place for 2 points. Did better this week though and came 2nd for 14 points which puts me fourth in the league. Only 5 points off the leader and 3 weeks in so got ages left yet. Current leader has bubbled all 3 weeks lol.

Myself and Mackenzie are heading to Chorley again tomorrow night for the £25 D/C F/O satellite to next weeks £100 comp at the G. Let's see if I can last longer than last time :-)

March 1st I'm planning on playing in a charity event for a local player, Gerry Doughty, who has fallen seriously ill and requires 24hr care if he is to go home. Never met the guy before (that I know of) but from what I've heard he's a nice guy and a family man so more than happy to help where I can. More details here:

On a sad note, I heard the news earlier this week that one of my old school friends from Fleetwood, a Royal Marines Commando, Daz Smith was shot and killed whilst serving in Afghanistan. This came as a real shock. I'd not seen him since school, but had recently got back in touch with him through Facebook and was chatting with him late last year reminiscing about some of the funny shit that went on at school. He leaves behind his girlfriend (who he had been with since school) and a young daughter. My thoughts are with his family.

I have a brother currently serving in the Army who has toured Iraq and Afghanistan and may be due to go back. I worry for him as it's a bad state of affairs over there if the media is anything to go by. It puts things into perspective really in that most of us have it cushy in our offices, shops, building sites, Unis etc. compared to these men and women who go out and give everything, up to and including their lives, for their job. For little reward. I can't help but admire that.

R.I.P Daz. You did us proud.

Looking Fit but Running Shit

Thought I'd better update this crap for the benefit of my reader.

£100 F/O
As per my last post I played the £100 F/O at The G. Played pretty solid until my exit hand which was so badly played I was embarrassed (so I'm not posting it). Dunno why I did it, but 9 hours at a poker table getting fuck all hands does something to my mind. I was hovering around average all tournament by bluffing, stealing and outdrawing people and it was a proper grind...eventually bust 29/151. GG me. Not gonna post a load of hand histories as I've been doing too much of that lately and it's a bit boring...but there was one interesting hand which a few players gave me stick for a others thought was great. I was obviously in the latter category.

This may not be exact, but you'll get the idea (I've slept since)

Blinds 200/ 400. I have about 12k.

I'm on the nipple (my favourite new term) with A9 hearts facing a small ep raise (900) from aggressive guy and a call from the C/O. I come along in position and the blinds fold. At this point I'm wary of the small raise from EP, but it's cheap to see a flop in position

Flop come xAx with 2 rag clubs. EP guy checks, C/O bets 600, I call with intention of folding to C/R from EP. If not, re asses on the turn. EP flat calls.

Turn comes another x clubs. EP checks, C/O checks. Now this to me looks like they are both scared of the flush or want a free card to make the flush. However, there is always the case for one of them slow playing, but this seems unlikely based on previous hands and their table images so I decide to go with my read. As no one has taken the initiative, I think it's time to have a stab. Bet sizing here is important as I don't want to overstretch myself on the bluff, but I also want to make it look like I really have it.

The pot is currently 4800 so I bet out slightly over half with 2500, leaving me with around 8k (1/3 of my stack in the pot). Still a playable stack at this point in the game.

EP guy is clearly not happy with this and mumbles to himself for ages before finally calling. C/O states how he hates putting this hand down but knows he was ahead pre-flop (raise then dick head). He folds.

River comes a rather beautiful 9 diamonds to give me two pair.

E/P checks. This is where I think I possibly missed some value by checking behind (although he may have just folded anyway) whereas I would have called a bet. Weird. My inner pussy took over there I think. I had him on the flush draw and should have gone with my read.

After I say two pair he looks at me like I just shat in his sandwich and mucks his hand claiming AK with Ac. Guy next to me says he folded AK also.

I got shit for this by the two others in the hand saying I should never have been there with A9s in the first place, but I disagree with position against such a small raise. They showed no strength on the turn and I pounced. Okay I got lucky in the end, but I wasn't folding the river to anything but a club. So fuck off. Outplayed.

There was a lot of berating of players on the table and I think it's just bad manners. Pisses me off even if it's not me they're talking shit to. Outlasted both of them by about 6 hours you pop.

Been running like a dog at $50NL 6 max. Down a fair few buy-ins. Not imported this months hands into HEM yet (been playing on my other laptop) but I'm pretty sure I'm running way below EV.

All the usual bollocks - Cannot with a race to save my life, cold decks, struggling to have big hands hold up and not getting any value when I catch a monster (Must have had AA on the BB about 6 times yesterday and it folded round every single one!).

Thing is though, I'm pretty sure I'm playing well. I fixed a couple of leaks after reading some stuff on 2+2 and my stats are looking pretty sweet at 22/20/3.9 over 3k hands. It's only a small sample, but I'm gonna give it to 20k hands. If my win rate doesn't improve then obviously I can't blame variance and I'll just quit online for a bit and study some more.

Deffo not rolled for this level, but cannot take anything lower seriously so I'm just gonna keep taking shots until I am rolled. Not this month though. All online poker monies spent!

One other thing - my tilt management has been excellent so far this month...dunno how but for the most part I've managed to stay level headed and non-results orientated. Good for me.

Oxford Poker League
This started last week and I shipped the first game for £40 and 12 league points. It's going to look well bent if I win it though.

I luckboxed the fuck out of .Mackenzie aipf from the button with 66 vs JJ. After a tap of the deck I managed to peel a 6 off on the river. Barry showed excellent restraint not to do his usual trick of launching the chips everywhere. Good for you.

Non-poker stuff
The Tuesday night pool league is going well. I've been on and potted match deciding blacks for two weeks running and managed to slot them away. We are now firmly in 2nd place just 2 points behind the current leaders. Our next two games are at home against the bottom two in the league so we have every chance of doing well in our first season the league!

My weight loss is still going well (have to lose 22lbs by June 8th or I owe my gf a laptop). My starting weight was 13st 4lbs. As of last Monday I'm down to 12st 10lbs. 8lbs in two weeks. Not bad. Ain't been easy though. 2 trips to the gym a week (one of which is at work before I start) along with a 1 hour badminton session on a Thursday and 5-a-side Football on a Sunday.

I've also completely sorted out my and have cut out bread and all the shitty snacks I used to eat.

I only have fruit for my dinner now and have a healthy tea every day. I've not had an alcoholic drink for 32days!!!

Problem is I'm off the wagon tonight as I've completed my no alcohol challenge. A load of us are off to watch Russel Brand at the Opera House in Blackpool and going out after. Probably be hammered after two pints. Plan is to limit myself to one night out a week with no mid-week drinking (E.G. At poker and pool) which should be fairly doable. Also going to allow myself one meal of my choice per week (a takeaway or a meal out or something). I think I'd go mental if I didn't have a treat I could aim for at weekend.

Motivation is getting hard to come by now I'm almost in my 4th week but I feel like I'm getting fitter every session and I'm able to do more the following one so this is spurring me one. The thought of not having a big beer gut by my 27th Birthday is always at the back of my mind as well.

Any comments on this shite are welcome!