Killed My BR Again and Some Sad News

About time I updated this I think...

Played a lot online at the beginning of the month and ran really well in the $0.10/$0.20 games on iPoker. Ran up $200 profit and withdrew my initial deposit. Nice. Then took a few massive short stack shots shots at $1/$2 and $2/$4 for a laugh and was quickly sitting (with the odd bit of luck) on $825 and had a nice spikey graph. Not bad for little over 6k hands.

Then I decided to grind $50NL and had a horrible session which tilted the hell out of me. Took a tilt shot at $2/$4 to try and win back the few BIs I'd lost then lost the lot. Idiot. But I'm over it.

Limiting myself to $100 a month online now I think. See how it goes in March. I've had enough for this month.

Not played much live apart from the Oxford Poker League. After winning week 1 I had a shocker in week 2 and went out 2nd last place for 2 points. Did better this week though and came 2nd for 14 points which puts me fourth in the league. Only 5 points off the leader and 3 weeks in so got ages left yet. Current leader has bubbled all 3 weeks lol.

Myself and Mackenzie are heading to Chorley again tomorrow night for the £25 D/C F/O satellite to next weeks £100 comp at the G. Let's see if I can last longer than last time :-)

March 1st I'm planning on playing in a charity event for a local player, Gerry Doughty, who has fallen seriously ill and requires 24hr care if he is to go home. Never met the guy before (that I know of) but from what I've heard he's a nice guy and a family man so more than happy to help where I can. More details here:

On a sad note, I heard the news earlier this week that one of my old school friends from Fleetwood, a Royal Marines Commando, Daz Smith was shot and killed whilst serving in Afghanistan. This came as a real shock. I'd not seen him since school, but had recently got back in touch with him through Facebook and was chatting with him late last year reminiscing about some of the funny shit that went on at school. He leaves behind his girlfriend (who he had been with since school) and a young daughter. My thoughts are with his family.

I have a brother currently serving in the Army who has toured Iraq and Afghanistan and may be due to go back. I worry for him as it's a bad state of affairs over there if the media is anything to go by. It puts things into perspective really in that most of us have it cushy in our offices, shops, building sites, Unis etc. compared to these men and women who go out and give everything, up to and including their lives, for their job. For little reward. I can't help but admire that.

R.I.P Daz. You did us proud.


Steve H. said...

Sorry to hear about your mate Daz.
good luck mate

Steve H. said...

Hi mate,

Hope your well.

I just noticed on the Sky News website a roll of honour for 2009 and your mate Daz is in the picture gallery:

Kevin Stevens said...

Sorry to hear about your mate Dave, what can you say.