Not a bad effort. Bit disappointed though. I had the chip lead for long periods in this tourny but when we got 4 handed I had an accident running my top pair Aces into a flopped low set leaving me with <10bbs. AJ no match for A9 after for my last 76k and I'm gone

I didn't play all that well to be honest so probably a fair result.

Come on Red Men!!!

What an excellent week of footy that was (for Liverpool fan's anyway!).
United seem to be cracking under the pressure, however two 'shock' results for them doesn't mean anything and the title is still theirs to lose. They are a team that usually play well under pressure and despite their performances in the last two games, I wouldn't want to be Aston Villa next weekend for their trip to Old Trafford. Chelsea's slip-up against Spurs effectively ends their title bid unless something disastrous happens with the top two.

I was at Anfield for the match yesterday and the atmosphere in the Kop was great. Despite the scoreline Liverpool didn't look all that good and gave the ball away cheaply far too often. That said Villa were poor and never really threatened. They have a lot of height up front but they just weren't getting the delivery and Gareth Barry was ineffective. The sending off of Brad Friedle was a little harsh though and he'll now miss the game against United which isn't good for us.

13 Goals in 3 games and we are riding high and have a good platform from which to round off the season. If someone offered me the position we are in now at the start of the season I probably would have taken it, however having to depend on another team dropping points means we could be chasing shadows - especially when that other team is Manchester United. I just hope their hunt for multiple trophies weakens them sufficiently in the league! Although they are bitter rivals, I can't help but have respect for the way they play their football.

On the Poker front, Myself, Rick and Phil Gilby and Baz Mackenzie travelled to Chorley for the £100 Blackpool G F/O sat. Had a good laugh and Barry and I actually managed to bag ourselves the seats (third time lucky). Didn't think Baz was gonna make it! When we got 3 handed he only had about 7k of the 80k in play. He got in a few battles and managed to double up early on. I had the chip lead so stayed quiet just doing the odd maintenance steal to stay afloat. It was just a matter of time before either Baz or Macacacan were eliminated and it ended up with Baz's poket jacks holding against Dave's A8.

Good banter and excellent hot pot - looking forward to the next one! I will be playing my seat at the end of April as I can't make the March £100 f/o.

The League, Staking and Other Blogs

I'm not going to bad (in 4th), but Gray seems to be running away with it now. It should all change though if the top four can get some big scores after the 10 week period as the results are calculated from the 10 best scores:

Something I forgot to mention in my last post is that I've bought £50 stake of Clarkatroid's action in the ECPokerTour Salzburg. Adam is an accomplished online cash pro and also has over $100k+ winnings in online MTTs. Only a matter of time before something happens for him live so more than happy to be in on it. See my links on the left and visit his blog - it's one of my personal favourites.

Speaking of other blogs I like, one that is always a good read and updated more often than any other blog I know of is Steve Holden's. It's updated pretty much every day, it's always an entertaining read and he really knows his apples when it comes to poker. If you're into poker blogs then you should deffo pay a visit.

Just one last thing on staking, last month I staked Knightmarenick from RTR to play 10x $12 180 Man SNGs. I got $187.50 profit plus $120 stakeback. This was my first time staking someone and I'm well happy with the results. Cheers Nick!

Back to the Blog

I thought it's about time I updated this...not a great deal been going on though really.

Everything sorted for the Virgin Festival on 4th / 5th April. I'm sharing travel and accommodation costs with Rick 'Doublebubble' Gilby from AWOP. Stopping at the Jury's Inn in Newcastle City Centre which looks pretty nice - certainly a lot better than some of the places I could afford by myself. PokerStars SCOOP starts the same weekend so if it does go pear at the Festival, at least I've got something to do.

Still plugging away at the Garage sats in Chorley for BPool G £100 F/O. Got my 3rd visit lined up for this Friday. Few more Blackpool lads going now too - Myself, Baz, Rick and his brother Phil (Flisby). I'm going to drive everyone so they can all get lashed giving me a much better chance of winning - worth a try anyway!!

I've been plugging away online mostly on Cardoza (iPoker). Cashed 3 consecutive donkaments the other day for a nice profit. I actually keep managing to build up a fairly big roll (close to $1k) then giving it all back. STTs hate me at the moment and I'm well below chip EV (HEM tournament features FTW!). Will have a nice chunk of rakeback this month though so I can start building again in April.

The Oxford Monday night league is shaping up well. I'm currently in 4th after 7 weeks, but there's plenty of time yet. Gray is the man to catch though with some very solid scores despite no wins or 2nds!

That's it for now. Laters.