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I thought it's about time I updated this...not a great deal been going on though really.

Everything sorted for the Virgin Festival on 4th / 5th April. I'm sharing travel and accommodation costs with Rick 'Doublebubble' Gilby from AWOP. Stopping at the Jury's Inn in Newcastle City Centre which looks pretty nice - certainly a lot better than some of the places I could afford by myself. PokerStars SCOOP starts the same weekend so if it does go pear at the Festival, at least I've got something to do.

Still plugging away at the Garage sats in Chorley for BPool G £100 F/O. Got my 3rd visit lined up for this Friday. Few more Blackpool lads going now too - Myself, Baz, Rick and his brother Phil (Flisby). I'm going to drive everyone so they can all get lashed giving me a much better chance of winning - worth a try anyway!!

I've been plugging away online mostly on Cardoza (iPoker). Cashed 3 consecutive donkaments the other day for a nice profit. I actually keep managing to build up a fairly big roll (close to $1k) then giving it all back. STTs hate me at the moment and I'm well below chip EV (HEM tournament features FTW!). Will have a nice chunk of rakeback this month though so I can start building again in April.

The Oxford Monday night league is shaping up well. I'm currently in 4th after 7 weeks, but there's plenty of time yet. Gray is the man to catch though with some very solid scores despite no wins or 2nds!

That's it for now. Laters.