The League, Staking and Other Blogs

I'm not going to bad (in 4th), but Gray seems to be running away with it now. It should all change though if the top four can get some big scores after the 10 week period as the results are calculated from the 10 best scores:

Something I forgot to mention in my last post is that I've bought £50 stake of Clarkatroid's action in the ECPokerTour Salzburg. Adam is an accomplished online cash pro and also has over $100k+ winnings in online MTTs. Only a matter of time before something happens for him live so more than happy to be in on it. See my links on the left and visit his blog - it's one of my personal favourites.

Speaking of other blogs I like, one that is always a good read and updated more often than any other blog I know of is Steve Holden's. It's updated pretty much every day, it's always an entertaining read and he really knows his apples when it comes to poker. If you're into poker blogs then you should deffo pay a visit.

Just one last thing on staking, last month I staked Knightmarenick from RTR to play 10x $12 180 Man SNGs. I got $187.50 profit plus $120 stakeback. This was my first time staking someone and I'm well happy with the results. Cheers Nick!