GUKPT Report

Not much to speak of really. 3 main hands that did me in to bust just before dinner on Day 1B.
This shirt is red...anyone telling you it's pink is an idiot - ->>>>>>
I had James Aikenhead on my table who was very unlucky (didn't really get too involved with him so can't really comment on his play). He amassed a big stack early on (when I went for a piss) only to lose most of it going all in after flopping top two. Guy calls with a flush draw and hits on the river. Same guy who picked up Aces vs my QQ in the hand below........

I was going along steadily hovering around starting stack for the first level. 1st hand of the second level I pick up QQ in the C/O. Its raised in MP to 325 so and folds round to me. I repop to 900 and it folds back to other guy (who has been quite active) who sticks it to 2k. I should have been out of the hand with his strong 4-bet especially at this point so early in the day, but I decide to take a flop with a decent pot in play.
He checks to me and I decide to bet around half the pot on an 8 high un-coordinated board. He flat calls. The board pairs on the turn and he wastes no time getting it in. I fold my QQ face up and he duely shows Aces. Poor play by me (especially as the p/f 4-bet showed a lot of strength and sets his range around JJ+, and I don't have much of a read) and im down to aroung 5k, but it could have been worse and there's plenty of time left.

I grind my way back up over the next few levels and pull off a nice semi-bluff after I raise the c/o with 9 3 suited and get a call from the button. Flop bricks and I cbet 2/3 pot. Button flats. Turn is a 9 and I fire the second shot and he folds claiming a big ace that he'd try to get tricky with. Can't resist showing the 9 3 :-)

The very next hand I find QQ in postion again. Very aggro guy bets out from EP and I reraise him. He has around 6.5k left behind and 4-bets all-in. Pretty sure I'm ahead or in a straight race so make the call. He shows AK. King on the river and im down to 4k.

Play a few hands and try to get it back up but no luck. Finally flop top two on an all club board. Bet all the way against one player then shove river when another club doesn't appear, fairly sure he was drawing. He had nut flush all along and I'm gone.

Next stop is qualifying for Edinburgh Masters.....

Just a Quick Brag

And why not :-)......

In the last 5 days I have won:

1 x GUKPT Main Event seat
2 x BMPT Final Tickets (playing the first one on Thursday)
1x Stars Sunday Million Ticket

Obviously, it's all well and good luckboxing these sats......The test comes when I have to turn it into a real $$/££ profit. It's maximum value if I do though!

EDIT: Make that 2x Stars Sunday Million Tickets...

April Updates - Virgin Festival and GUKPT Manchester

It's been a while since I updated this and there has been a lot going on so here goes!

Virgin Festival

I travelled across to Newcastle to the Virgin Festival on weekend of April 4th/5th with Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby. After a clear drive through we dumped our bags at the Hotel (rather nice Jury's Inn in the City Centre) and went straight across to Aspers Casino to get signed in and get some food. This was to be the start of a 16 hour drinking and poker session - happy days. The weekend started off well when there was a nice surprise with the bill at the restaraunt - March madness 50% off (even though it's April! Shippit!). The food was class as well.

Started the main event at about 2.30 but it didn't go to plan and I was out early doors (Aces cracked for a change). This was nothing though compared to Rick, who had nursed his 5k shortstack for hours and worked it up to around 30k. He managed to get it into a 90k pot with KK only for one raiser to call and the original raiser to pass KQ face up. The caller showed KQ!

Q on the Flop, Q on the Turn, goodbye Rick. This did get judged the worst beat of the weekend though so he was awarded 50,000 Virgin Airmiles (We ran it through PokerStove and Rick was just under 94% fav on the flop).

I did play a couple of SnGs in the Virgin STT Challenge - managed 2nd on my first attempt and qualified for Sundays final on the 2nd! That was the last thing I won all weekend.

Played some £1/£2 cash on the Saturday night, but both myself and Rick had sunk a great deal of Bulmers, which we had earlier both decided we didn't like, yet we both did about 7 bottles in each throughout the day. Weird.

Drunken cash games are the bollocks imo. I was raising with all kinds of shite and having a good bit of banter on the table....the highlight for me getting it all in on a £60+ pot with 7 7 vs Rick's A K. Before the board comes down I say I'm gonna hit quads. 7 on the flop and Rick said I can't take the pot unless I hit quads as I had called for it. The river duely obliged and Rick got some funny looks from the locals as he high-fived me laughing his tits off after losing the hand! Got back to the hotel at about 6am.

Sunday was rough. Up at about 11 to get ready for Sunday's comps which is never nice. I was in the STT final but decided that by 3pm, if I wasn't getting anywhere I'd shove and run across to play the £30 headhunter event....which I did and registered just in time. Played like someone who had had a marathon session the previous night and bust out just after the break. Watch the Man U / Villa game while I wait for Rick to bust out then as it's about 6pm, we decide to sack the hotel off and travel home. All-in-all a great weekend and will hopefully be back for the next one.

GUKPT Manchester

Last week I played a £20 RB/A sattelite for the GUKPT Main Event in Manchester at AWOP HQ. Around 15 runners. After being chip leader for long periods of the game and on the final table, I fell at the final fence after a standard outdraw when we were down to 3 (playing for 1 seat) and couldn't recover. The seat money was eventually chopped by Clarkatroid and Steve 'Shrewdy' Craig.

Undettered, I tried again last night. This time there were 20 runners + alternates. There was also a ton of added value as Andy Bradshaw (Last weeks Irish Open 8th place finisher) added a seat to the prize pool. After the rebuy period we we playing for 2 GUKPT seats, £150 and £200.

After playing shortstack all game and coming back after the rebuy period with pretty much the minumum (2k starting stack + 5k add-on) I had to bide my time and pick my moments to shove.
I manage to limp to the final table with about 15k with the average at 30k. I managed a double up early doors and didn't really make any mistakes from there. Think I took 4 or 5 people out on the final table and got to the seat bubble as slight chip leader. The bubble eventually burst then Caroline 'CashBiatch' Cove busts out in 4th for £150.

On the second hand of playing 3-handed, the small blind slowplays QQ into my BB 76s. I flop an open ended straight draw and despite a fairly large overbet on the flop I decide to call with the view to folding a blank turn. I hit my 8 outer for the nut straight and after the other guy pot commits himself with a huge overbet on the turn, I insta-shove and get called. I dodge a spade on the river (his only outs at this point) and take down the pot and a seat to my first ever GUKPT!! Andy Bradshaw's brother Tommy took down the other.

Really looking forward to this and I'll be playing Day 1b on Friday Arpil 24th. You can follow my progress on live updates section and watch a live feed at


I have an agreement in principal with Clarkatroid for a stake to play 6-Max cash. Not going to go into too much detail yet as a lot is dependent on me putting in some results at the lowest of low stakes first, but it the deal includes free coaching with is a massive plus for me. We've had a couple of 30 min / 1hr Team Viewer sessions already and Adam has got me thinking about my game is a whole new light. My results improved almost instantly after this. He analysed my database and tore my game to shreds (didn't realise how bad I was). This is exactly what I was after and I'm pretty excited about where this could go as we are both looking to do something long-term.

I'll update next with a trip report from the GUKPT after I ship it of course :-)