GUKPT Report

Not much to speak of really. 3 main hands that did me in to bust just before dinner on Day 1B.
This shirt is red...anyone telling you it's pink is an idiot - ->>>>>>
I had James Aikenhead on my table who was very unlucky (didn't really get too involved with him so can't really comment on his play). He amassed a big stack early on (when I went for a piss) only to lose most of it going all in after flopping top two. Guy calls with a flush draw and hits on the river. Same guy who picked up Aces vs my QQ in the hand below........

I was going along steadily hovering around starting stack for the first level. 1st hand of the second level I pick up QQ in the C/O. Its raised in MP to 325 so and folds round to me. I repop to 900 and it folds back to other guy (who has been quite active) who sticks it to 2k. I should have been out of the hand with his strong 4-bet especially at this point so early in the day, but I decide to take a flop with a decent pot in play.
He checks to me and I decide to bet around half the pot on an 8 high un-coordinated board. He flat calls. The board pairs on the turn and he wastes no time getting it in. I fold my QQ face up and he duely shows Aces. Poor play by me (especially as the p/f 4-bet showed a lot of strength and sets his range around JJ+, and I don't have much of a read) and im down to aroung 5k, but it could have been worse and there's plenty of time left.

I grind my way back up over the next few levels and pull off a nice semi-bluff after I raise the c/o with 9 3 suited and get a call from the button. Flop bricks and I cbet 2/3 pot. Button flats. Turn is a 9 and I fire the second shot and he folds claiming a big ace that he'd try to get tricky with. Can't resist showing the 9 3 :-)

The very next hand I find QQ in postion again. Very aggro guy bets out from EP and I reraise him. He has around 6.5k left behind and 4-bets all-in. Pretty sure I'm ahead or in a straight race so make the call. He shows AK. King on the river and im down to 4k.

Play a few hands and try to get it back up but no luck. Finally flop top two on an all club board. Bet all the way against one player then shove river when another club doesn't appear, fairly sure he was drawing. He had nut flush all along and I'm gone.

Next stop is qualifying for Edinburgh Masters.....


Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

cant do saturday Dave, I'm off to DTD. I won a seat for the 50k'r...
i'll be there Monday though pal.