Bank Holiday Bollocks

Get in...managed to stay relatively sober (apart from Saturday) so had a nice relaxing weekend for a change and played and bit of poker.

The $100K guaranteed pissed me off....worked up a nice big stack but KK no match for Chip Leader's 22 AIPF. Standard.

Went to The G on Saturday afternoon for want of better things to do for the £15 +1RB +1AO game. Not my lucky day when I run 10 10 into 9 9 for the board to come x 5 6 7 8. Lovely. Didn't recover and that's another afternoon wasted. I couldn't bring myself to play the evening comp and got pissed instead.

Recently getting back to getting involved on RTR Forums. I'd not been on for a while and I'd forgotten what a good forum it is. Easily my favourite UK Forum at the minute. Always loads going on. They are currently running Syndicates for 3 set tournys where a group of you have to play 1 tourny a week for 12 weeks and all the winnings are split at the end. I've joined all 3 syndicates and played my week 1 games Sunday and yesterday.

Syndicate A - Nightly $8.80 @ 9pm on Stars - Mid table finish on this

Syndicate B - Nightly $26 21k or 34k GTD @ 7pm on FT - Early doors exit after a strong start

Syndicate C - Nightly $5.50 @ 8pm on Stars - Cashed! - 73/3600

All it's going to take is for one of us to get one big score and we are free rolling our tits off.

Last bit of poker I played was the DTD Satellite to the £1k Main event on Weds - 15 seats GTD. Fuck me. To say the live donks were out in force would be an understatement. So much fancy play syndrome I had to turn the brightness down on my laptop. I am in no way an expert, but some of the plays I witnessed were just shit. Tons of limping from any position and people getting big hands outdrawn left right and centre for trying to get too clever and trappy.

I was card dead all night struggling to stay around average chips and finally went out after about 3.5hrs with a failed attempt to nick some blinds.

No poker planned for this week. It's the £100 F/O in Blackpool next weekend but can't make it this time as I've got the Blackpool leg of the stag do I was on the other week. Binge time again. Sweet.

100k GTD on iPoker Tonight

Playing this tonight - $100 r/b and about 20k ftw. Won a shitty satellite for initial BI so might just play it as a f/o and see how I get on. If it's going well by the break it's then I might cough up for the add-on.

GL Me.

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Mid-May Update

Blackpool £100 F/O

The £100 F/O didn't really go to plan. Think this was the most card dead I've ever been and with beer and town beckoning I decided to get aggressive. That didn't work out too well and I was down to next to 10BB shortly after the dinner break. Pushed it in with 6 6 in middle position only for Clarkatroid (of all people) to snap me off with A A. Goodnight NoCash.
My mate Baz was still in the comp so I decided to wait around for him, get my drink on and wait for a cash table to open in the pit. Did a bit of my old enemy Black Jack and toileted about £40 there. No cash table was forthcoming so I regged for the £25 headhunter evening donk fest....and what donk fest it was. Lasted till about 11pm than got super tilted by a guy who clearly had no idea, but had all the chips. Push K Q on a K Q 9 rainbow board. Guy snaps me off with 8 9. No prizes for guessing what the turn and river were. Gay. Sacked it off and went to town to carry on drinking.

Benalmadena Stag do

What a top bollocks weekend in was! We'd had reports that it wasn't really s stag party sort of place, but it seemed fine to me. Lovely weather, lots (and lots) of drinking and partying and a ton of laughs. Didn't know a lot of the lads there but they were all sound.

Had a right touch on the footy when one of the lads was running a book based on Will Hill odds for all the weekends games. I had Gerrard first scorer in the Liverpool game at 7-1 which came in then I took him for 2nd scorer at 7/2....ship!! €150 profit and it paid for a lot of my drinking.

I got up quite early on Sunday as I had to bail at about 2.30am on the Saturday due to being sick, but we had been drinking since breakfast and all the shitty free shots and fish bowls we had just caught up to me. Went for a dip and apart from a bit of a headache I felt fine. It got to about 12pm and as we were leaving at 6pm (and the sun was burning my pasty face off) I decided to get a Burger King and got back to bed. All is fine until I get up at 4pm and start chucking up...and chucking up and chucking up. I was a right mess. It gets to 6pm and our taxi arrives and I'm still at it. It was fucking horrible. Queuing for hours on end in a hot airport while the Spaniards are working as slow as possible, when I felt like that, was absolute hell. Bit of alcohol poisoning was the general consensus. Don't know if that's right or not but it makes me sound nails so I'm going with it.

Head in a sick bag all the way back on the plane. NEVER AGAIN. Until next time obv.

.25/.50 6-Max

My staking deal with Clarkatroid still hasn't started yet as I'm waiting on him drawing up our contract. Not a legal document or anything, just a bit of clarity on where we both stand with the deal which I think is a really good idea.

I found $50 rakeback in on of my iPoker accounts so I thought I'd give a bit of 50NL a go to get used to it before I'm staked to play there. I started off shortstacking 2 tables and after a ropey first few hands got into the swing of it and hit a bit of a heater although I played the last 1k hands pretty poorly still made a nice profit to take away on my hols with me - just under 7BIs up. As I get better, my stats are automatically getting towards optimum levels - 3k hands is a tiny sample and nothing can be taken from this, but they are on the right lines.

Other Stuff

The Satellite I organised for the next £100 F/O didn't go ahead. Not enough runners in the end so jacked it. I'm gonna stick the the Chorley garage sats I think. Next one is 23rd May so I'll have to go and give them boys a lesson.

AWOP HQ and a £50 F/O last night. Bit of a poor turnout and only got 7 runners. We played it out anyway and after being chip leader for ages I busted out in 4th. Not sure who won it yet, but the two Gilby Brothers were still in when I left. Martin 'Big Bills' Devlin also played but unfortunately was the 2nd casualty of the night. Don't think he cared much though after the United win.

The Oxford Poker League came to it conclusion this week. I finished a disappointing third place. Well played to Gray and Baz. All I can say if they have to have been running above EV to have put me into third!! :-). New season starts in 2 weeks time with a new league format (points equal chips - top 8 go into final playoff game for the title) which I'm looking forward to.

All comments are greatly appreciated and it also let's me know that somone is actually reading this garbage so go on, don't be shy.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Drinking and Poker

Another Bank Holiday and another full day of smashing beer, wine and whiskey into my head? Not this time son. Lesson learnt from the Easter Bank Holiday where I did the all-dayer on the Sunday and was still being sick at 8pm on Monday night trying to run my pub poker league. That hangover probably cost me a prize place in the league as I stuck it in with nothing and quickly went back home to, this weekend I'm keeping in sensible....

...Few quite drinks and a friendly game of poker round at a mate's tonight, who I haven't seen for a while then the Monthly £100 F/O at The G with Baz tomorrow. 'Bout time I cashed in this, but had some shit beats (and played pretty turd) the last few times.

I've found there is a bit of a market for running a single table satellite for this in Blackpool (I usually travel to Chorley garage) and my mate has agreed to let us do it in his pub - no money changing hands on the premises mind. Should be a good chance for some of the newer guys who play in our league to have a pop at a proper casino comp. Hopefully my teachings on etiquette and rules haven't fallen of deaf ears!

Sunday is into town to fetch some €€ as I'm away next weekend for a stag do in Benalmadena....I've booked two days off work to recover! Might have a few quite ones on Sunday night but nothing major. I'm off to see Derren Brown with the missus on Monday night which I'm looking forward to. Don't have a clue how he does some of his stuff and he's a good showman so will hopefully be a good night.

I'll hopefully be able to post some nice HEM graphs for you to wank over or
laugh at :-).
Myself and Rick 'The Cooler' Gilby met up with Clarkatroid earlier this week to go over our micro-stakes DBs prior to being staked. The coaching session turned into a bit of a drinking session as the United v Arsenal game was on and I didn't get home until about 3am...felt rough in the morning after we nailed a fair few pints, bottles of wine and some champagne! Had a top laugh though.

This was my second database of 10k uNL hands as I took some coaching from Adam after the first 10k hands and started again. My 2nd attempt post-coaching was much better and although I do still have plenty to work on - not playing enough button and c/o enough for example. I put in a solid winning 10k (well 9.4k) hands at 0.01/0.02 lol (bb/100 = 28.76 in case you were wondering or $52 in English). Just waiting for Adam to give my db a sober once-over then if all's okay we may be ready to start. Whilst I'm waiting, I'm hammering the strat section on 2+2 and and will be sharing ideas / HHs etc with Adam and Rick.

Once this gets underway, I'll hopefully be able to post some nice HEM graphs for you to wank over or laugh at :-). I think this is a great opportunity to develop as a player though and I'm going to give it 100%.
Yes that's right...I have just learned how to blockquote an I'm going to
abuse it!