Bank Holiday Weekend

Drinking and Poker

Another Bank Holiday and another full day of smashing beer, wine and whiskey into my head? Not this time son. Lesson learnt from the Easter Bank Holiday where I did the all-dayer on the Sunday and was still being sick at 8pm on Monday night trying to run my pub poker league. That hangover probably cost me a prize place in the league as I stuck it in with nothing and quickly went back home to, this weekend I'm keeping in sensible....

...Few quite drinks and a friendly game of poker round at a mate's tonight, who I haven't seen for a while then the Monthly £100 F/O at The G with Baz tomorrow. 'Bout time I cashed in this, but had some shit beats (and played pretty turd) the last few times.

I've found there is a bit of a market for running a single table satellite for this in Blackpool (I usually travel to Chorley garage) and my mate has agreed to let us do it in his pub - no money changing hands on the premises mind. Should be a good chance for some of the newer guys who play in our league to have a pop at a proper casino comp. Hopefully my teachings on etiquette and rules haven't fallen of deaf ears!

Sunday is into town to fetch some €€ as I'm away next weekend for a stag do in Benalmadena....I've booked two days off work to recover! Might have a few quite ones on Sunday night but nothing major. I'm off to see Derren Brown with the missus on Monday night which I'm looking forward to. Don't have a clue how he does some of his stuff and he's a good showman so will hopefully be a good night.

I'll hopefully be able to post some nice HEM graphs for you to wank over or
laugh at :-).
Myself and Rick 'The Cooler' Gilby met up with Clarkatroid earlier this week to go over our micro-stakes DBs prior to being staked. The coaching session turned into a bit of a drinking session as the United v Arsenal game was on and I didn't get home until about 3am...felt rough in the morning after we nailed a fair few pints, bottles of wine and some champagne! Had a top laugh though.

This was my second database of 10k uNL hands as I took some coaching from Adam after the first 10k hands and started again. My 2nd attempt post-coaching was much better and although I do still have plenty to work on - not playing enough button and c/o enough for example. I put in a solid winning 10k (well 9.4k) hands at 0.01/0.02 lol (bb/100 = 28.76 in case you were wondering or $52 in English). Just waiting for Adam to give my db a sober once-over then if all's okay we may be ready to start. Whilst I'm waiting, I'm hammering the strat section on 2+2 and and will be sharing ideas / HHs etc with Adam and Rick.

Once this gets underway, I'll hopefully be able to post some nice HEM graphs for you to wank over or laugh at :-). I think this is a great opportunity to develop as a player though and I'm going to give it 100%.
Yes that's right...I have just learned how to blockquote an I'm going to
abuse it!


Amatay said...

Can't wait for the graphs mate. Oi are you gonna come DTD end of July btw for an RTR meet up? Be a gd crack, plenty of beers and hopefully i can rinse you on the tarbles.