Getting a Good Deal (Advertisment)

Regular home-run gambling nights or casino hire are one of the most popular activities among professionals today both young and old. To some extent, everyone has a little James Bond within them, waiting to burst out with a flourish and take the table (or the casino) for what it is worth. Although most home games don’t have bank breaking cash flows, one step you can take to getting closer to that big time casino feel is by hiring a professional card dealer. Most people think that dealers are expensive to hire, but if you know where to find them, you can save a lot of money and have a uniquely enjoyable evening of high- brow gambling action with your friends. Professional dealers are highly skilled casino employees who have extensive experience in the casino environment and are well equipped to deliver card dealing services as well as a whole load of other related services, like equipment hire and gambling venue bookings. Up till now there was no way of knowing who to hire or how to get in contact with these elusive folk, unless you knew specific dealers from gambling circles or were lucky enough to find a reliable dealer from a local casino.One solution we’ve come across while looking at hiring dealers was a website called Dial A Dealer is a detailed and straightforward directory website that is free to sign up for and enables potential gambling clients throughout the world to browse, search and contact reputable dealers and hire them at a fixed or pre- negotiated price for their games. Clients get all the vital information required before contacting the dealer like their gaming speciality, the locations they can work at and even any past tournament wins, for an extra indicator of their skill. Dealers all have clear photographs and contact details including their direct phone numbers and you can browse and compare them with ease. Dealers write profiles about themselves to advertise or offer their specific tailored services like party planning, renting chips and organising company events. Each dealer has a dedicated feedback section enabling past clients to sing praises or highlight areas for improvement.The site’s design is colorful and bold and resembles a gambling table complete with a luxurious felt and wood effect header. The article section of the site is kept up to date with all the insights, advice and tips for people who set up home games and there is a beginner’s guide for novices too. Some of the articles include how to keep your game night costs down, theming your parties to keep them interesting and fresh and even what brand of cigars to celebrate your big wins with!Its clear that the developers have an ongoing dialog with the gambling community through the dealer network and through clients and have committed to providing an indispensable service to dealers and gambling enthusiasts worldwide.For more information about getting a dealer cost-effectively for your next game, visit