Mid-May Update

Blackpool £100 F/O

The £100 F/O didn't really go to plan. Think this was the most card dead I've ever been and with beer and town beckoning I decided to get aggressive. That didn't work out too well and I was down to next to 10BB shortly after the dinner break. Pushed it in with 6 6 in middle position only for Clarkatroid (of all people) to snap me off with A A. Goodnight NoCash.
My mate Baz was still in the comp so I decided to wait around for him, get my drink on and wait for a cash table to open in the pit. Did a bit of my old enemy Black Jack and toileted about £40 there. No cash table was forthcoming so I regged for the £25 headhunter evening donk fest....and what donk fest it was. Lasted till about 11pm than got super tilted by a guy who clearly had no idea, but had all the chips. Push K Q on a K Q 9 rainbow board. Guy snaps me off with 8 9. No prizes for guessing what the turn and river were. Gay. Sacked it off and went to town to carry on drinking.

Benalmadena Stag do

What a top bollocks weekend in was! We'd had reports that it wasn't really s stag party sort of place, but it seemed fine to me. Lovely weather, lots (and lots) of drinking and partying and a ton of laughs. Didn't know a lot of the lads there but they were all sound.

Had a right touch on the footy when one of the lads was running a book based on Will Hill odds for all the weekends games. I had Gerrard first scorer in the Liverpool game at 7-1 which came in then I took him for 2nd scorer at 7/2....ship!! €150 profit and it paid for a lot of my drinking.

I got up quite early on Sunday as I had to bail at about 2.30am on the Saturday due to being sick, but we had been drinking since breakfast and all the shitty free shots and fish bowls we had just caught up to me. Went for a dip and apart from a bit of a headache I felt fine. It got to about 12pm and as we were leaving at 6pm (and the sun was burning my pasty face off) I decided to get a Burger King and got back to bed. All is fine until I get up at 4pm and start chucking up...and chucking up and chucking up. I was a right mess. It gets to 6pm and our taxi arrives and I'm still at it. It was fucking horrible. Queuing for hours on end in a hot airport while the Spaniards are working as slow as possible, when I felt like that, was absolute hell. Bit of alcohol poisoning was the general consensus. Don't know if that's right or not but it makes me sound nails so I'm going with it.

Head in a sick bag all the way back on the plane. NEVER AGAIN. Until next time obv.

.25/.50 6-Max

My staking deal with Clarkatroid still hasn't started yet as I'm waiting on him drawing up our contract. Not a legal document or anything, just a bit of clarity on where we both stand with the deal which I think is a really good idea.

I found $50 rakeback in on of my iPoker accounts so I thought I'd give a bit of 50NL a go to get used to it before I'm staked to play there. I started off shortstacking 2 tables and after a ropey first few hands got into the swing of it and hit a bit of a heater although I played the last 1k hands pretty poorly still made a nice profit to take away on my hols with me - just under 7BIs up. As I get better, my stats are automatically getting towards optimum levels - 3k hands is a tiny sample and nothing can be taken from this, but they are on the right lines.

Other Stuff

The Satellite I organised for the next £100 F/O didn't go ahead. Not enough runners in the end so jacked it. I'm gonna stick the the Chorley garage sats I think. Next one is 23rd May so I'll have to go and give them boys a lesson.

AWOP HQ and a £50 F/O last night. Bit of a poor turnout and only got 7 runners. We played it out anyway and after being chip leader for ages I busted out in 4th. Not sure who won it yet, but the two Gilby Brothers were still in when I left. Martin 'Big Bills' Devlin also played but unfortunately was the 2nd casualty of the night. Don't think he cared much though after the United win.

The Oxford Poker League came to it conclusion this week. I finished a disappointing third place. Well played to Gray and Baz. All I can say if they have to have been running above EV to have put me into third!! :-). New season starts in 2 weeks time with a new league format (points equal chips - top 8 go into final playoff game for the title) which I'm looking forward to.

All comments are greatly appreciated and it also let's me know that somone is actually reading this garbage so go on, don't be shy.


Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

I always read updated blogs! I could smell a rat when that fella next to me flat called your re-raise. I should of folded, you had A10, if you had the A of spades you'd of probably called my push also. Bad play by me, I dont give people credit for a made hand as much as I should, I think its due to playing the bigger comps as every f**ker's at it :) I got a free flop with 45 and paid the price. Keep up the good work online, do you have a copy of HM or do I have to purchase it?

NoCash said...

Hello mate....yeah funny hand to play that with a suited board. No so long back i would have been shipping the A10 there without a spade!! You're right though, If I'd had Ace spades i would have pushed.

I purchased HM so I can keep up with bug fixes etc, but you can probably get a schnide copy from torrents.

Give me a shout if you need a hand getting it up and running.

BurnleyMik said...

Sounds like the Stag Do was a cracker fella. Linked up the blog.

GL when your staking deals kicks off, although calrkatroid better hurtry up or you'll have already built your own roll!!