$0.25/$0.50 Cash Grind is Underway!

I've now started my cash grind to see how well (and how long) I can last before busto!! Hopefully that won't happen but I'm cheerfully under-rolled. I was going to do this as a Clarkatroid stakee, but through one thing and another we never got it off the ground so I'm going solo (and keeping all my profits yeaaahh!!!) although Adam has kindly offered to give me help as and when.....I'm sure I can wangle another drunken coaching session if i buy the beers!

I've got a lovely new iPoker VIP deal - 45% for raking $500 and 50% for $1k+. Happy with that as I've already raked $200 in the last two days (5.5k hands). I've had a very swingy start but this is down to me playing poorly and a bit of tilt whilst I've getting back into it. I played some horrible poker in my second session, but two sessions today brought it round and I'm getting right back into the swing of it. I'm using the 2+2 strat forums and reading loads of articles at the minute so hopefully I can transorm this into a nice graph.

Currently, after 2 days i'm + $173. My stats (positional and standard) are looking pretty damn goot. I'll post graphs at the end of the month - hopefully not epic fail graphs. TBH though I'd be very happy with break even for my first month and up the roll with 'loyalty' payments.

Give me a shout if you are interested in that loyalty deal and I'll get it sorted for you.

Tonight it's off the AWOP mansion for 2 Seats GTD Sat to the Coral British Masters in Leeds later this month. £20 r/b. I seem to run good at AWOP so lets hope I can keep it going!



Yorkshire Pud said...

Is the deal through TetleyBoy affiliates by any chance? If so they are a great bunch of people, helped me out no end.

Good luck with the grind, I'm hitting the cash tables soon instead of my usual HUSNG because my internet connection is shit ATM but I'm slightly worried seeing as the Black Belt Poker fish couldn't beat $0.25/$0.50 or $0.50/$1

NoCash said...

Yes mate it is the Tetley boy one (with VC Poker) - excellent deal. Nik is always gets stuff done for you straight away as well and seems very friendly and professional. Would recommend to anyone.

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck mate, stay off the juice when your playing though!

You ever get round to reading that poker mindset book!

NoCash said...

I did start yeah, but found it quite a hard read. PM me your address on RTR and I'll get it sent back to you. Cheers for the lend.

Kevin Stevens said...

Keep it mate, not fussed just wonderd if you had any joy with it.

NoCash said...

I might give it another go then. Everyone I've spoke to said its well worth the read so I might just knuckle down and get it read.

Dream of Vegas said...

What's the title of this book mate? I could do with getting away from pure Strat books.

I'm certainly interested in that Rake Back deat to, is it pure cash or STT n MTT to??