Got drunk....played too high.....busted my roll. Fortunately I raked over $700 in 16k hands so with my 45% deal I can try again next month. Gonna step down to 0.10/0.20 and enforce some rules..

No playing pissed
No more than 4 tables (re-evaluate at month end as I think I'm comfortable at 6 but just want to see if I play better when I play less.)
No playing above .10/.20
No silly HU shots (I'm fairly clueless)

Even when I wasn't drunk I wasn't playing great....I was being very results orientated and was also doing things wrong that I knew I shouldn' be doing. It's quite hard to supress the gambler in me at times. Now I have a bit of time I'm going to use it to watch all the training vids I can and read any decent 2p2 articles.

In the 17k hands I did play I learned a lot about these levels though such as 1 pair is never good in a 200bb pot post flop and that 2 barreling (and more so 3 barreling) light is just not profitable at this level. Any bluffs have to be fairly well contructed and not undertaken too often. Bit 'pokered' out at the minute anyway so I rest will do me good.

Just deceided to attend another stag do in Germany in two weeks time. I really need my mates to stop getting married as it's going be the death of me.

PS....sorry no graph...I deleted my DB in a pissed off rage and I've not managed to recover it. It was just a long break even line with a big dip at the end of it so not really exciting.


Kevin Stevens said...

Chin up fella, is NLHE cash defo your thing then?

Yorkshire Pud said...

Pissed up poker is definite no no for me too. I've left too much money at the tables over the past couple of years that i've had to stop myself from playing after booze sessions!

NoCash said...

Yeah. fuck online poker for a bit....gonna get pissed in Germany and decide if I even want to keep playing.

Kevin Stevens said...

I hope you decide to comeback to it, where quite similar in that where both capable players but seem to miss that control that's needed, some fella paid me some dough straight into an account on his site. Run it up 2K in a week, I know im going to spunk it all away any day now though!

PS if you interested I'll give you the fella's details, he was looking for more bloggers.

NoCash said...

This it...just lack discpline to make a long term profit.

Saying that though i've played some sats today and made my way into the $100 FTP semi-final for wsop seat - for $2. 100 seats gtd - win one of those and im in the $500 final!! Deep in two games on iPoker as well so tourneys seem to be going well and im gettting some confidence back.