10th Place in CBMPT

Who's this sexy bastard?

I finally managed to run okay and cashed the British Masters this weekend in 10th place for £1050. I had a great start and was up to nearly 30k by the dinner break! I came back to day two around 3rd or 4th in chips with 65k.

Not a bad effort overall and I played some of my best poker I have for ages. Not to self - quit online poker! Some interesting hands came up over the weekend and may favourite is this one close to the bubble.

Blind 800 / 1600 / 200
My Stack = 65k
Oppo (Ash Hussein) Stack about = 45k

Fold round to me in SB with Q9 and I make it up.
BB Checks (we have already had three blind on blind battles and I'm 2-1 up.
Flop is 2 Q 10 two spades.
I bet out 2500
BB Raises to 6000
Due to the nature of our previous blind on blind encounters I am assigning a lot of his range as air here...he knows I've been aggro in the last three battles and I don't think he's putting me on anything.
I repop to 12500
BB Flat calls
Now I'm wary. I thing he may have some kind of mid-pair and flush draw or possibly mid-pair + overcard with possible back doors type hand.
Turn is an off-suit J.
This is a great card for me both for drawing and semi-bluffing opportunities. Not putting him on a straight here as he never calls my reraise with just a gutter and if he had something like 9 10s I think he would have raised me pre-flop (as he has been aggro with hands like these) Only one thing for it....
I shove
BB tanks and I sit there quietly trying not to do a little poo. He starts asking me if I'll show if he folds. I stay quiet.
BB fold and I show the Q9.
He didn't look happy. Says he folded bottom two pair and should've shoved the flop. I agree.

I played pretty aggro like that all weekend and it worked very well. I was very disappointed with my exit, although now I have had time to think, I don't think the decisions I made was wrong.

Blinds 2000/ 4000/400
My stack = 90k (avg. - 95k)
Oppo stack = around 200k (chip leader)

I'm in BB. Folds round to oppo in SB and he makes it 10k to go.
Everytime it folds round to his SB he sticks a raise in. This has happened now about 5 or 6 times. I've had to fold almost everytime. He did this on the last orbit though and I 3-bet him (with shit - just to see how he reacted) and he folded.
I look down at 8 8. I shove
I have him on a super-wide range here and even if he calls there's a strong chance I'm even money to take the chip lead. That said, I'm fully expecting a fold here and im quite shocked when....
He calls.
Oh shit.
He tables A K.
Ah....not bad at all. Win this one then I'm chipleader and cruising onto the final table.
Flop Qxx.
Fuckin nice one.
Turn A.
River x.

That's the tourney for me. I know it's a marginal shove (and it wasn't instant - there was thought before I did it) but the mitigating factors are...

He's been pushing me around from the blinds (which are getting steep)
His B v B range his huge
Aggression has got me where I am now so why stop
I'm playing FTW and not fussed about laddering - I think it only got higher than £2k from 6th place.

So I'm okay with it.....might be a donk play but I'll live with it. My opponent, Mark Trett, went on to win it so at least he used the chips wisely.

Also, well done to Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby for going deep. Just missed the money but ground out that short stack like only he can...and didn't get his Aces cracked once!!

Next stop is Nottingham on 15th August. Lets see if I can go one (or nine) better.


Coral British Masters Poker Tour

Last night I managed to put my lack of online skillz to the back of my mind and play another live sat for the British Masters at AWOP HQ. Usual £20 r/b with 2 hours / 4 levels of rebuys and a 5k add-on (2k starting).

This game was mental. 11 players generated three £550 Main Event seats plus £90 for 4th place! I just kept out of trouble and with the help of a few big pots late on I made the break / end of rebuy period with a slight chip lead having taken no rebuys (just the add-on).

With a few shortstacks knocking about and the aggression not letting up, we were soon down to the bubble.

I pick up AA utg and limp knowing I have two aggro players behind me. Brian Clarke (2008 GUKPT Blackpool Leg Winner) makes up the SB and BB checks. Flop comes 8 3 7 with two diamonds. Usually I bet out here to make the draws pay, but I know if either of the other two players have any piece of it they are betting. Brian insta-shoves from the SB and BB tanks for a while and then passes (what he later said was a small flush draw). I beat him into the pot and he tables 8 5 for top pair and no flush draw. 4th and 5th street brick and I'm in now second in chips. Chip leader (Mick Fletcher) has about 90k of the 160k in play so I steer well clear and eventually the two shorter stacks get it in and the outcome was pretty sick.

Both players limp and check a flop of 9 5 3. Turn is an A and Tim France sticks out a pot sized bet. Gaz Chatterton shoves in his last 20k and Tim snap-calls showing 9 5 for flopped two pair. Gaz shows A 5 for a bigger two pair and is looking like he's gonna get right back in the game. Unfortunately (not for me mind!) the river brings in a miracle 9 for Tim to give him the boat (the case 9 in fact - I didn't say it at the time cause I think Gaz was pissed off enough but I passed a 9) and it's all over.

As I have already qualified for the Teesside Leg this weekend, I'm carrying it over to the Nottingham leg on 15th August.

Two chances to run good....One Time!!!!

Gl me.



I'm fucking pissed off. Not only am I poker broke, but I'm also life broke now as well. I had to spend about £900 last week getting my car fully serviced and back up to scratch for its MOT. It's probably only worth about £1500 but I don't fancy getting into more debt getting another car so paying out seemed the lesser of two evils. No problem there......

So I picked it up on Friday and it's running like new. Happy days. However, I got up this morning (not used it all weekend) only to find that some scum-bag, piss-head, fucking mouth breathing, cockface has waddled past and Bruce Lee'd my wing mirror off. What a shit way to start the week. I'd love to find the twat that did this and cut one of his ears off - see how he likes it (I say 'he' and not 'she' as a catch-all reference - you'd struggle to tell in a lot of cases amongst Blackpool locals). Dickhead. I wonder if it was my neighbour though? He started parking on my drive one day so I came home pissed and let one of his tyres down. Also, when I was coming home from Manchester on Satruday night, I puked on his wall when I got out of the cab.

Not my car BTW....can't be arsed taking a picture.

Anyways, I qualified and played in the Sunday Brawl yesterday. Went out earlyish running a flopped set into a turned straight. Not really too fussed about that. Also played the 34k GTD on FTP at 7pm last night and was in the top ten in chips for a long period of the game, but fell just short of the cash with some properly, full-on, hardcore, super-wank play. I'd been out on a stag do in Manc on Saturday night though and I was goosed - that's a decent enough excuse I reckon.
I've got a £20 home tourny tonight which could be an easy £100 ftw and another AWOP satellite on Weds. Then on Satuday it's off to Teesside for the CBMPT. If I could just run good once!

Countdown to Busto - Day 6


Lost a 400bb stack AIPF with AA. Tilted the fuck out of me. Did the rest in playing .50/1 HU. Back to the Sit n Gays for me.

Countdown to Busto - Day 5

Well, I did play a bit yesterday and had a pretty much breakeven session. Can't be arsed posting daily graphs now. Here's the month to date one though...1 BI down from starting roll. Not terrible news I suppose. In profit with RB. Sticking with my prediction of 10 days until I go broke. I can feel the tilt bubbling.


I might play a bit tonight. I could do with some win as I'm stuck £800 on car repairs. BASTARD!!!!!!! I'm driving round in my gf's new Toyota Aygo and it makes me feel quirky and gay. Think I'll just have to ship the CMBPT on Saturday 25th in Teesside. If I can be arsed I might play the side-event as well. Ship both of them. Easy.

I won my seat in that Stars UK / Ireland 100k Freeroll thing last night...Qualification was easier than the Daily Star crossword I was second in chips after 5 minutes and never went out of the top ten. 150 got seat from 758 runners.

I used to go on about the pool league I played in on here...not really bothered for a while as we were shit, but were now in a new season and we beat the league leaders (who hammered us last season) giving them their first defeat!....have that one you cocky No.4 Pub twatbags. Anyway....that's the trendy 'lifesyle' bit over with.

Back to work


Countdown to Busto - Day 4

How do the pro grinders do it? Today was the day of the cooler. I actually ran around EV, but I just got bummed by hands I couldn't fold. 1st 1600-1700 hands were horrible. Set over set so many times and if I run KK into AA once more I'll chop my cock off.

I'm not blaming it all on varience though. I take responsiblitiy for how badly I handled the beats and the second half of my session was pure tilt. I went stupid and started playing deepstack tables which I really shouldn't have done. 1 false move and you're sans 200bb. I made a few.

I've quit for the day now after bustin all of my profit and a buy-in or so of my starting roll. I'm break-even over 10k hands with Rakeback. But I'm fooked. Properly 'pokered out'. Might have to have a break until Friday - Maybe even next week......or until I get bored tomorrow and fire up some tables.

I've played 25 hours over the last 4 sessions which I think is waaay too much. I'm really going to have to play much shorter sessions I think. Not only that but my arse has gone dead and I have a bad neck.






I give myself until day 10 before I'm busto.

I wish I was good at cash games. I don't know if 10k hands is enough to gage it. Probably is and I'm just a donk. I know I lack some discipline, but I'm getting better. I really like playing them. The only form of poker I've ever consitently won at is SnGs (until I drunked off my considerable roll.....see the blog post from last October) but I can't stand playing them.

On a positive note, I've nearly got enough FTP points for a Stox membership. Or 5 FTP bears.


Countdown to Busto - Day 3 - UPDATE

Today I said hello to Mr Varience. The bastard......


I started the day playing pretty poorly and got tilted early on. I got past that, but everytime it looked like I was about to turn it round some sick beat or cooler came along and kicked me in the nuts. One of the last hands before I quit was deep stacked AIPF in the BB vs SB - my QQ vs his (SB) JJ for a 400bb pot. Don't think I need to go any further with the bad beat story, but it pretty muched summed up my day. Lets hope for a bit of run good tomorrow...



Ground out a few more hours in an evening sesh and won back most of my losses. The droolers really come out at night. Great session, and the suckouts were both given and received....like good anal....er,,,,no maybe not.


Just about to start my day 4 session. Gl me.

Countdown to Busto - Day 2

Today I've shat out a 5 hour / 2000 hand session. As you can see from my graph it's started off terrible and I lost >3 BIs in less than 500 hands!. My stop loss is 4 BIs. This was due to some crap play by me - mostly running silly bluffs which just don't work at these stakes. I did slowly recover though hitting a peek of nearly 4BIs profit, but some shortstackers owned the fuck out of me in the last few hundred hands to leave me 2BIs in profit.

It's fooking boring playing at these stakes, but bollocks to it - must learn BR Management.

Here's todays graphage....


and here's the current state of play after two days.....


Running at 17.91 BB/100. Sustainable? Fuck knows.

25NL sucks donkey balls - I deserve to run good for this.


Countdown to Busto - Day 1

Since last months disastrous effort at 6-max cash I've hit the books (2+2 articles really) and watched every uNL video I can get my hands on for free. In fact I've just managed to get myself 3GBs of Card Runner vids that's I've not even started on yet.

I'm using most of the rakeback I got from VC and have moved it over to FullTilt. Reason being is I'm moving down to .10/.25 to build a roll properly and at VC I need to rake at least $500 to get anything back. I probably won't manage that at .10/.25 4 tabling (dropped down from 7) so until I move up I'll play on FTP and get my 27%.

I'm going to post my daily graph on here (not that I'll play every day) and maybe post some hands I found interesting. I'll avoid the bad beats unless they are particularly amusing. I also post my cumulative monthly graph every few days.

I did my first 4 hour session today and IMO played really well. I hit 2 or 3 fairly big coolers and managed to stay focused and get through it. Thinking in terms of making the correct decision instead of being results orientated is really helping.

So here's today's graph.....I win the Internet obviously.


Dunno about anyone else but I'm finding FTP a lot easier than iPoker. At least 2 or 3 fish per table if you select carefully. Anyways, hopefully put another session in tomorrow afternoon.

Laters fish

Hitler on Michael Jackson's Death

We've all see the poker and football versions of the re-subtitled scene from 'Der Untergang' (The Downfall - great film by the way), but some bright spark has done an MJ one which made me laugh...so here it is

Teesside British Masters

After bubbling a satellite for this last week (for £50), I went one better and secured a seat last night, playing at the AWOP HQ live sat. I've been to all but one or two of these sats since they started and have so far shipped a GUKPT seat and now a CMBPT seat - no rebuys this week, just the add-on - sweet.

It's a £20 r/b with 2k starting with a 5k add-on. 2 seats GTD. Also if we make the two seats, Coral add a £220 seat to the Friday side event for nowt which is a nice bonus. AWOP have been tinkering with the structure for a few weeks and I think it's now pretty spot-on for a game that needs to finish in 5 hours. There are six 20-minute levels of rebuys, finishing after the 200 - 400 level and the 5k add-on means you can have at least 7k at the break no matter how bad / unlucky you are. 1 double-up and you're right back in it.

All in all, it's a good group of lads and it's very relaxed and a lot of fun. Let's see if I can ship another next week!

My rakeback comes through on the 8th so I'll be starting the grind again. Been reading tons of strat and I've got some videos to watch so time to try again and hopefully do better than last time.