10th Place in CBMPT

Who's this sexy bastard?

I finally managed to run okay and cashed the British Masters this weekend in 10th place for £1050. I had a great start and was up to nearly 30k by the dinner break! I came back to day two around 3rd or 4th in chips with 65k.

Not a bad effort overall and I played some of my best poker I have for ages. Not to self - quit online poker! Some interesting hands came up over the weekend and may favourite is this one close to the bubble.

Blind 800 / 1600 / 200
My Stack = 65k
Oppo (Ash Hussein) Stack about = 45k

Fold round to me in SB with Q9 and I make it up.
BB Checks (we have already had three blind on blind battles and I'm 2-1 up.
Flop is 2 Q 10 two spades.
I bet out 2500
BB Raises to 6000
Due to the nature of our previous blind on blind encounters I am assigning a lot of his range as air here...he knows I've been aggro in the last three battles and I don't think he's putting me on anything.
I repop to 12500
BB Flat calls
Now I'm wary. I thing he may have some kind of mid-pair and flush draw or possibly mid-pair + overcard with possible back doors type hand.
Turn is an off-suit J.
This is a great card for me both for drawing and semi-bluffing opportunities. Not putting him on a straight here as he never calls my reraise with just a gutter and if he had something like 9 10s I think he would have raised me pre-flop (as he has been aggro with hands like these) Only one thing for it....
I shove
BB tanks and I sit there quietly trying not to do a little poo. He starts asking me if I'll show if he folds. I stay quiet.
BB fold and I show the Q9.
He didn't look happy. Says he folded bottom two pair and should've shoved the flop. I agree.

I played pretty aggro like that all weekend and it worked very well. I was very disappointed with my exit, although now I have had time to think, I don't think the decisions I made was wrong.

Blinds 2000/ 4000/400
My stack = 90k (avg. - 95k)
Oppo stack = around 200k (chip leader)

I'm in BB. Folds round to oppo in SB and he makes it 10k to go.
Everytime it folds round to his SB he sticks a raise in. This has happened now about 5 or 6 times. I've had to fold almost everytime. He did this on the last orbit though and I 3-bet him (with shit - just to see how he reacted) and he folded.
I look down at 8 8. I shove
I have him on a super-wide range here and even if he calls there's a strong chance I'm even money to take the chip lead. That said, I'm fully expecting a fold here and im quite shocked when....
He calls.
Oh shit.
He tables A K.
Ah....not bad at all. Win this one then I'm chipleader and cruising onto the final table.
Flop Qxx.
Fuckin nice one.
Turn A.
River x.

That's the tourney for me. I know it's a marginal shove (and it wasn't instant - there was thought before I did it) but the mitigating factors are...

He's been pushing me around from the blinds (which are getting steep)
His B v B range his huge
Aggression has got me where I am now so why stop
I'm playing FTW and not fussed about laddering - I think it only got higher than £2k from 6th place.

So I'm okay with it.....might be a donk play but I'll live with it. My opponent, Mark Trett, went on to win it so at least he used the chips wisely.

Also, well done to Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby for going deep. Just missed the money but ground out that short stack like only he can...and didn't get his Aces cracked once!!

Next stop is Nottingham on 15th August. Lets see if I can go one (or nine) better.



Kevin Stevens said...

Well played Sir, well played.. Ship the 88 allday, every day. And twice on Sunday.

NoCash said...

Cheers Kev. I'm playing for the win so fuck it. £1005 profit anyway :-)

Mr Origami said...

Nice result mate. Beers on you at the weekend then eh? ;)
Think Im gonna have to quiz you for tips!!

TEAMDOBB said...

well played Dave on a great performance and like the attitude.
Ya right in that top 3 was where it was at mate
probs see you at Notts

NoCash said...

Mr O -can you get on RTR? Having problems today. See you Friday though.

TD - cheers fella. Tell Mark well done from me. He had some big hands, but he didn't half play them well. Pleased that he took it down.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

Good read Dave, although you finished 10th (which is a great result) I'm sure your confidence and ego will have received a nice little boost for the next comp. Thanks for comments on my blog too. I'm off to Nottingham on Saturday, quitters never win and winners never quit!

Mr Origami said...

No mate, its just blank when I try and get on. Have you and DoV got the room boxed off? I'm gonna need to get a number for one of you, dont want to wander around a bar saying are you NoCash are you DoV...might get some strange looks lol

NoCash said...

Not sure of anything yet mate. Need to get on RTR to speak to DOV. Nothing was set in stone and I don't have his number or any other way to contact him.

Mr Origami said...

No worries, I did say to him we would take the room so I'm pretty sure we are ok there but I'll mail him tonight if RTR isnt back up (its been like this since yesterday at least) and see where we are at.

BurnleyMik said...

Nocash, and mr O, can you guys get onto my blog, thats where we are trying to sort Notts trip out whilst RTR is down:


Well done in the CBMPT mate, glad I bought a slice now! :o)

p.s. Love the attitude of playing to win, thats how you make the big scores.

dD said...

link me up fish .... otherwise i wont buy you a beer at dTd :)



Dream of Vegas said...

Just caught up with your blog dude, foooooking awesome result, you know shippage was due once I forgot to get my 2% paid for lol!!! It's called the law of Sod!! ;o) Feck that though, I'm made up for you.

All sorted for Friday??

Right just erm . . . checked you out. As I type this "I mystic smeg" that your playing cash at the G in a brown adidas top after busting before me in the Double chancer?? lol if so wish I'd managed to get on to see your pic earlier and I would have introduced myself!!

NoCash said...

dD - Linked up no bother...

DOV - can't car trouble again - split radiator hose. hopefully getting sorted for tomorrow. If not it looks like I'm going to have to get the train. Still a deffo though. email me your mobile number to nocashpoker@gmail.com

...and stop stalking me :-)

Dream of Vegas said...

lol yeah I deliberatley took a piss next to you and held the door for you in the bog after first break on purpose (Even though I didn't know it was you ha ha, I had a white cap on) . . . How'd you get on last night?

Don't get train tickets yet I'll probs drive. I hate driving on piss up weekends but the Sat/Sun I'm assuming will be less so as we'll be in pokay heaven.

NoCash said...

Did shit - was on the beer. Chipped up early and had 20k after the break. 3 more Bulmers in and I got kings cracked by some shit and just fucked it off to play cash.

My mate came 2nd for £450. Knew I should have swapped a %

Amatay said...

FML. I almost brought 1% aswell!
Well played fish.