Coral British Masters Poker Tour

Last night I managed to put my lack of online skillz to the back of my mind and play another live sat for the British Masters at AWOP HQ. Usual £20 r/b with 2 hours / 4 levels of rebuys and a 5k add-on (2k starting).

This game was mental. 11 players generated three £550 Main Event seats plus £90 for 4th place! I just kept out of trouble and with the help of a few big pots late on I made the break / end of rebuy period with a slight chip lead having taken no rebuys (just the add-on).

With a few shortstacks knocking about and the aggression not letting up, we were soon down to the bubble.

I pick up AA utg and limp knowing I have two aggro players behind me. Brian Clarke (2008 GUKPT Blackpool Leg Winner) makes up the SB and BB checks. Flop comes 8 3 7 with two diamonds. Usually I bet out here to make the draws pay, but I know if either of the other two players have any piece of it they are betting. Brian insta-shoves from the SB and BB tanks for a while and then passes (what he later said was a small flush draw). I beat him into the pot and he tables 8 5 for top pair and no flush draw. 4th and 5th street brick and I'm in now second in chips. Chip leader (Mick Fletcher) has about 90k of the 160k in play so I steer well clear and eventually the two shorter stacks get it in and the outcome was pretty sick.

Both players limp and check a flop of 9 5 3. Turn is an A and Tim France sticks out a pot sized bet. Gaz Chatterton shoves in his last 20k and Tim snap-calls showing 9 5 for flopped two pair. Gaz shows A 5 for a bigger two pair and is looking like he's gonna get right back in the game. Unfortunately (not for me mind!) the river brings in a miracle 9 for Tim to give him the boat (the case 9 in fact - I didn't say it at the time cause I think Gaz was pissed off enough but I passed a 9) and it's all over.

As I have already qualified for the Teesside Leg this weekend, I'm carrying it over to the Nottingham leg on 15th August.

Two chances to run good....One Time!!!!

Gl me.



Kevin Stevens said...

Well done fella, your flying.