Countdown to Busto - Day 1

Since last months disastrous effort at 6-max cash I've hit the books (2+2 articles really) and watched every uNL video I can get my hands on for free. In fact I've just managed to get myself 3GBs of Card Runner vids that's I've not even started on yet.

I'm using most of the rakeback I got from VC and have moved it over to FullTilt. Reason being is I'm moving down to .10/.25 to build a roll properly and at VC I need to rake at least $500 to get anything back. I probably won't manage that at .10/.25 4 tabling (dropped down from 7) so until I move up I'll play on FTP and get my 27%.

I'm going to post my daily graph on here (not that I'll play every day) and maybe post some hands I found interesting. I'll avoid the bad beats unless they are particularly amusing. I also post my cumulative monthly graph every few days.

I did my first 4 hour session today and IMO played really well. I hit 2 or 3 fairly big coolers and managed to stay focused and get through it. Thinking in terms of making the correct decision instead of being results orientated is really helping.

So here's today's graph.....I win the Internet obviously.


Dunno about anyone else but I'm finding FTP a lot easier than iPoker. At least 2 or 3 fish per table if you select carefully. Anyways, hopefully put another session in tomorrow afternoon.

Laters fish