Countdown to Busto - Day 2

Today I've shat out a 5 hour / 2000 hand session. As you can see from my graph it's started off terrible and I lost >3 BIs in less than 500 hands!. My stop loss is 4 BIs. This was due to some crap play by me - mostly running silly bluffs which just don't work at these stakes. I did slowly recover though hitting a peek of nearly 4BIs profit, but some shortstackers owned the fuck out of me in the last few hundred hands to leave me 2BIs in profit.

It's fooking boring playing at these stakes, but bollocks to it - must learn BR Management.

Here's todays graphage....


and here's the current state of play after two days.....


Running at 17.91 BB/100. Sustainable? Fuck knows.

25NL sucks donkey balls - I deserve to run good for this.



Dream of Vegas said...

Grind on the mind!! Nice.

Whats your plan for Notts dude?