Countdown to Busto - Day 4

How do the pro grinders do it? Today was the day of the cooler. I actually ran around EV, but I just got bummed by hands I couldn't fold. 1st 1600-1700 hands were horrible. Set over set so many times and if I run KK into AA once more I'll chop my cock off.

I'm not blaming it all on varience though. I take responsiblitiy for how badly I handled the beats and the second half of my session was pure tilt. I went stupid and started playing deepstack tables which I really shouldn't have done. 1 false move and you're sans 200bb. I made a few.

I've quit for the day now after bustin all of my profit and a buy-in or so of my starting roll. I'm break-even over 10k hands with Rakeback. But I'm fooked. Properly 'pokered out'. Might have to have a break until Friday - Maybe even next week......or until I get bored tomorrow and fire up some tables.

I've played 25 hours over the last 4 sessions which I think is waaay too much. I'm really going to have to play much shorter sessions I think. Not only that but my arse has gone dead and I have a bad neck.






I give myself until day 10 before I'm busto.

I wish I was good at cash games. I don't know if 10k hands is enough to gage it. Probably is and I'm just a donk. I know I lack some discipline, but I'm getting better. I really like playing them. The only form of poker I've ever consitently won at is SnGs (until I drunked off my considerable roll.....see the blog post from last October) but I can't stand playing them.

On a positive note, I've nearly got enough FTP points for a Stox membership. Or 5 FTP bears.



ROSSI said...

lol, looks exactly like my HM graphs from the last couple of months

Ross said...

hey, ive got no problem trading links. where do i know you from though?