Countdown to Busto - Day 5

Well, I did play a bit yesterday and had a pretty much breakeven session. Can't be arsed posting daily graphs now. Here's the month to date one though...1 BI down from starting roll. Not terrible news I suppose. In profit with RB. Sticking with my prediction of 10 days until I go broke. I can feel the tilt bubbling.


I might play a bit tonight. I could do with some win as I'm stuck £800 on car repairs. BASTARD!!!!!!! I'm driving round in my gf's new Toyota Aygo and it makes me feel quirky and gay. Think I'll just have to ship the CMBPT on Saturday 25th in Teesside. If I can be arsed I might play the side-event as well. Ship both of them. Easy.

I won my seat in that Stars UK / Ireland 100k Freeroll thing last night...Qualification was easier than the Daily Star crossword I was second in chips after 5 minutes and never went out of the top ten. 150 got seat from 758 runners.

I used to go on about the pool league I played in on here...not really bothered for a while as we were shit, but were now in a new season and we beat the league leaders (who hammered us last season) giving them their first defeat!....have that one you cocky No.4 Pub twatbags. Anyway....that's the trendy 'lifesyle' bit over with.

Back to work