I'm fucking pissed off. Not only am I poker broke, but I'm also life broke now as well. I had to spend about £900 last week getting my car fully serviced and back up to scratch for its MOT. It's probably only worth about £1500 but I don't fancy getting into more debt getting another car so paying out seemed the lesser of two evils. No problem there......

So I picked it up on Friday and it's running like new. Happy days. However, I got up this morning (not used it all weekend) only to find that some scum-bag, piss-head, fucking mouth breathing, cockface has waddled past and Bruce Lee'd my wing mirror off. What a shit way to start the week. I'd love to find the twat that did this and cut one of his ears off - see how he likes it (I say 'he' and not 'she' as a catch-all reference - you'd struggle to tell in a lot of cases amongst Blackpool locals). Dickhead. I wonder if it was my neighbour though? He started parking on my drive one day so I came home pissed and let one of his tyres down. Also, when I was coming home from Manchester on Satruday night, I puked on his wall when I got out of the cab.

Not my car BTW....can't be arsed taking a picture.

Anyways, I qualified and played in the Sunday Brawl yesterday. Went out earlyish running a flopped set into a turned straight. Not really too fussed about that. Also played the 34k GTD on FTP at 7pm last night and was in the top ten in chips for a long period of the game, but fell just short of the cash with some properly, full-on, hardcore, super-wank play. I'd been out on a stag do in Manc on Saturday night though and I was goosed - that's a decent enough excuse I reckon.
I've got a £20 home tourny tonight which could be an easy £100 ftw and another AWOP satellite on Weds. Then on Satuday it's off to Teesside for the CBMPT. If I could just run good once!


Dream of Vegas said...

Yep it's your neighbout IMHO lol.

You coming to the Notts meet??? How do you get into these AWOP things?

Playing the G $30 Double chancer tomoz night, went two weeks ago, turned up with a few of the lads expecting 40-50 peep field and suprised at the numbers, it seems to be getting regularly good fields. 79 when we were there.

NoCash said...

Yeah I am!...Just need to secure some funding but should be fine. I can drive us if you want. Will be stopping Friday and Saturday nights. Think I'm just gonna play the £50 comp on Sat night. Unless I manage to sat into the deepstack. Thought there was a £150but that's on the Sunday i think.
drop me a PM on RTR and we'll get something sorted.

For the Awop sats, just go onto and introduce yourself. Then just stick your name down on the Sticky thread in General Chat. AWOP HQ is just oppsoite Blackpool sports centre at Stanley Park.

Don't really go casino mid-week with work and that, but sounds like a good comp. Think the £40 treble chance is doing well also. I have next Tueday free (out of the cup in the pool league) so I might play.

Kevin Stevens said...

You need to piss through your neighbours letterbox right now, just in case it was him. Can't let these bitches think they own you.

NoCash said...

Nah he's actually a mate...if I do that I might get my xbox 360 back with a shit in the disc tray.

Kevin Stevens said...

Small price to pay for reaserting you dominance over the neighbourhood. Good luck in the CBMPT, hope they don't serve soup.

John Long said...

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