Teesside British Masters

After bubbling a satellite for this last week (for £50), I went one better and secured a seat last night, playing at the AWOP HQ live sat. I've been to all but one or two of these sats since they started and have so far shipped a GUKPT seat and now a CMBPT seat - no rebuys this week, just the add-on - sweet.

It's a £20 r/b with 2k starting with a 5k add-on. 2 seats GTD. Also if we make the two seats, Coral add a £220 seat to the Friday side event for nowt which is a nice bonus. AWOP have been tinkering with the structure for a few weeks and I think it's now pretty spot-on for a game that needs to finish in 5 hours. There are six 20-minute levels of rebuys, finishing after the 200 - 400 level and the 5k add-on means you can have at least 7k at the break no matter how bad / unlucky you are. 1 double-up and you're right back in it.

All in all, it's a good group of lads and it's very relaxed and a lot of fun. Let's see if I can ship another next week!

My rakeback comes through on the 8th so I'll be starting the grind again. Been reading tons of strat and I've got some videos to watch so time to try again and hopefully do better than last time.



Kevin Stevens said...

Nice one with the seat, could I tap you up to borrow some videos? I'm kvnstv@aol.com on MSN. Also we are relaunching UKPI soon, tell us what you think? www.ukpokerinfo.co.uk.

Cheers Kev

Dream of Vegas said...

Alight mate, gutted you've dropped out the Syndi's your the only one to cash the one's I'm in so -ev you dropping out.

You still doing the Notts weekend?

Also was interested in the Rake back you we're getting on I pokes? Any info would be nice, plus what was that mind set book you were reading?

Latay fish.

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Anonymous said...

where is awop hq exactly? ta

NoCash said...

Kev - I'll drop you an email when I'm home. Probably Monday (6th)

DOV - Yeah unfortunate that I can't commit but got loads of shit going on at the minute. The loyalty deal I have is with iPoker. Drop me a mail on nocashpoker@gmail.com and ill reply with all the info

Anon - it's in Blackpool near Stanley Park