RTR Meetup @ DTD

This weekend was the meetup of the RaisetheRiver regulars in Nottingham. I'm still feeling the pain of the weekend even though I slept all day Sunday! What a quality laugh it was though!

Too tired to do a full TR but I'll give my rundown of the characters I met:

Amatay - good laugh and did well to take down the £50 tourney on Sat night....as well as the last longer bet for £90. Asked Cogs a blowy for a cup of tea or something. Pervert.

Cogs - again a good laugh and it appears he likes his MILFs. Did me for a buy-in at cash though. Twat. Also something happened with a cup of tea / blowjob exchange with Amatay.

DOV - Local Blackpool(ish) lad and my driver for the weekend. Excellent laugh although he did chat to the entire population of Nottingham, one at a time. Probably not all there in the head. Led me astray to some hardcore rave club that was both shit and funny at the same time. Also not the safest driver I've ever met, but I managed to sleep through it on the way home.

Mr Origami - My room mate for the weekend. Came with us to the hardcore rave place and got right involved. Nice fella too. He tried to sell me some IT Equipment. I might even buy it.

Rubbish - Token Welsh chap. Had some quality stories to tell and had us laughing all weekend. When the first thing somebody every says to you is "Hello, I'm Rubbish" you know they're gonna be sound.

dD - Token Scottish chap. I think most of the converstations we had were when we were smashed so I can't remember much about them. Being Scottish he obviously kept up the drinking pace and made it to the rave. Also played cash on Sat night at my table for a bit, but don't think I gave him any money (I could be wrong though).

Longy - Quieter type but seemed like a nice lad. Didn't really get chance to speak to him much as by the time he met us on both days I was well on my way to being drunk.

One of the highlights of my weekend though was in the smoking area in DTD. It had been raining a little bit so the floor was wet. Some poor woman coming out of the door, slipped and regained her footing only to insta-slip again and properly stack it. Everyone was showing concern etc and there were plenty of people helping her out and I hoped she was okay (and she was fine after a minute), but I couldn't hold a laugh in forever could I?!

Bring on the next one!


Dream of Vegas said...

Whats wrong with waffling shit, texting and doing 90mph in the third lane on a busy Friday afty?? Standard IMO.

Great weekend mate, pleasure to have met you. lol. Think I may slow down on a few things at the next one and have a pop at the £300. LoL I'll be as quiet as a mouse . . . honestly I'm quite a shy chap.

Thanks for the lesson at the cash tarbs, feel I got away lightly £8 down on the Friday, if you noticed kept well clear of your table on the Sat night once I'd bust the £50 FO ha ha. (And that WAS smashed pokes for the win!!)

Dream of Vegas said...

erm . . . I led you astray, pot kettle etc ;o)

rubbish said...

She had a great rack as well! Amazed you and DOV made it home on Sunday, top bombing.
Bet you must be struggling now? No need to say it out loud and I can picture you nodding your head in agreement. That's a tenner you owe me next time.

NoCash said...

Yep it's Tuesday and I'm still not right!

I will deffo slow down a little bit if we play the £300 next time :-)

gg lads wp.

Mr Origami said...

Yep, great weekend lads, if anyone was leading anyone astray it was you and DoV taking us more stable gentlemen to hardcore rave clubs!! And what do you mean "might"?? Cisco IP phones FTW mate!!

Dream of Vegas said...

"I will deffo slow down a little bit if we play the £300 next time :-)"

What in for 5am instead of 6am Fri/Sat???

NoCash said...

Yeam mate something like that :-)

dD said...

bring it on :)
ha ha ha fucking top weekend, those other fish have no fucking idea what they missed .... err what did I miss ....

yeesh, thursday and i am still fooked :)

"note to self: try playing sober(ish) next time .... " might as well rip that fucking note up right now :)