Live Donkament Stakeage

I'm looking for a stake to play the £500 side event at the Blackpool GUKPT in November.
I'm looking to sell 20 x £25 shares (I'll be retaining 4 myself so it's actually 16 for sale). The deal:

Double Stakeback - first £1000 of any winnings go to shareholders
60 / 40 profit split - After the stakeback above, all profits will be split 60/40 in favour of shareholders.
Reg fee - I'll pick up the £50 reg fee.

Cash Example:
I cash for £5k. - £1K straight back to shareholders = £50 per share
Of the remaining £4000 - 60% goes to shareholders = £2400
1 share of that = £120
+ 2x Stakeback (£50)= £170

So for a £5k cash each £25 share would net £170

Tourney info:

This is a 2-day event starting on 10/11/2009. Last year first prize was in excess of £23k.

Live history:

Not much to go on really, but that's why i'm looking at this stake for more experience. Played a GUKPT and 2 CMBPTs this year (1 last year) (Satellited into all of them). Pretty consistent at making day 2 and also cashed in 10th at Teeside CBMPT this year. It's all on this blog pretty much.

Play fairly regular in Blackpool and have made numerous FTs / cashes etc in small / mid range comps. Just to add, I'll be taking unpaid time off work to play this comp and will NOT be drinking so I will be fully focused.

If you are interested of have any questions, drop me a line