September Update

...Sorry for the lack of updates (like it matters), but I've seriously had nothing to update about...played loads of MTTs online but it's the usual shit and I'm not gonna go on about it. I need to get a roll together to play cash again as online tournies are gay and can fuck off (the picture is a clue to this outburst).

I didn't notice any of the comments on my 'Gone Tits' post cause I'm shit. Everyone who requested it - I've linked you back up. Even you Rubbish.

Going back a bit, the last big comp I played was the CBMPT in Nottingham. I made it right to the end of Day 1 but was short stacked most of the day and didn't manage to squeeze through. Had a piss easy starting table though with Rich ' Madasawasp' Whitmore, Sam Trickett and Mickey Wernick.
I actually owned Wernick in a few pots early doors! However, while I was busy thinking I was Billy Big Bollocks though he called my A high bluff on a paint filled board with 3rd pair and got a nice pot back. He then sucked out on me when he had raised with K3 from late position into my 10 10 BB. He floated me on an 246 board then I checked a J turn and he checked behind. River is a 5 and he sticks in a nice 1/2 pot value bet and I make a crying call. Garden 2 - 2 Wernick. I'll take that.
I then got moved and had Ash Hussein on my left as we were in Teesside. Had a good laugh with him again and he eventually knocked me out when I was low stacked. Revenge for the Q9 hand from Teesside no doubt.

Since then I've played a few comps at The G, but no results to speak of although the cash there in the pit on a Saturday is delicious. I must make an effort to play in that game more often, especially during the holiday season.
With the Blackpool GUKPT fast approaching it's time to start playing some sats or getting a stake together (doubtful). Off to AWOP HQ tonight for the first of their £20 r/b super sats into the £250 final with hopefully 4x Main Events seats up for grabs. I have run ridic good at AWOP in the past so this could be my best shot.

Finally for poker...well done to Steve Holden (who I met for the first time last month) for shipping the Liverpool leg of the CBMPT! Anyone who is reading this will at least be aware of Steve's prolific blogging and he's had a tough year or so on the tables so it's well deserved. WP Steve!!

I've just got back from a week in Ibiza with the missus and some mates. It was both 'bangin' and 'large'. Fucking expensive there but what a top place. We stopped at the Ibiza Rocks hotel which has a stage by the pool and they have a band on every Tuesday. We had the closing party with The Klaxons which was really good. Just got smashed in our rooms overlooking the stage then went down to the stage to get in amongst it. Did loads of other holiday shit as well, but can't be arsed going into that. Got predictably hammered most nights but didn't get ill (the first holiday in Spain I haven't been ill) which was a nice bonus. No leave now unitl after Christmas though. Gutted.

Had a nice little win on the footy this weekend picking Liverpool, United, Arsenal and Chelsea all to win @19/5. Liverpool made fucking hard work of it against the shit that is West Ham (get bent Amatay) and bullshit Fergie time salvaged my bet on Sunday.

Dunno when i'll update next. Probably when I ship the Blackpool GUKPT obv.



Mr Origami said...

Nice holiday mate? Good, its about time you started buying stuff off me now ;) I need you to pay for my trip to Notts in December somehow :p You going?

NoCash said...

That I'm not sure about that yet...December is a bit tricky for me but I'll see what I can do.

rubbish said...

Dipping out Eh? Lightweight.

NoCash said...

Oh don't fucking challenge me! You know I can't miss it then.