Many thanks to all of my backers...I'm now staked for the £500 Blackpool GUKPT Side Event (Rick Gilby style).

Let see if I can ship you all a nice profit on home turf. Even my missus has backed me so if I don't then it's life over anyway :-)

Just need to decide wether I take unpaid leave or throw a sickie (hopefully no one from work reads this).

I'm playing the £100 deepstack this Saturday at Blackpool G. I'm due a result in this comp and if I get a decent score I may be able to play some more GUKPT events. If anyone who reads this is there on Sat come and say hello.

It's going to be an interesting few months stake-wise as I have a little piece of Rick 'Doublebubble' Gilby in the BPool GUKPT m/e and also a slice of AWOP member 'Guite' in this Saturdays £100 D/S and a couple of comps he's playing out in Vegas. Just hope everyone stops dicking around and SHIIIIIPPPSSS me something (and I'll attempt to do the same).

Thanks again and laters


dD said...

obv the fish staking you aint seen your live game .... *)



ps get fucking in about 'em and make me eat my words !

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck fella.

NoCash said...

Cheers bitches

Dream of Vegas said...

Yup ship it mate, could do with some dollar.

No chance I was playing Sat mate after no seein her properly for last two weekends, how'd u get on?

NoCash said...

Got involved early when i hit a wheel on the turn. Thought i was nailed on for a chop when they guy had slow played flopped nuts of 67 all the way....just couldn't put him on a six let alone the nuts.

shortie after that and shipped it in with a huge combo draw a level later and missed a billion outs.

back to the cash tarbs for a bit now to see if I can run up some more GUKPT money.