APAT Engish Amateur Poker Championships & GUKPT

I shall be headed down the road to Bolton to play my first ever APAT event this weekend (not including the team event I played for AWOP last year) after getting a tciket on the exchange. £75 buy-in  with no reg, 200 runners over 2 days should make for a great weekend of poker. I'm sure the cash cames will be buzzing to so gotta get involved there if I get bummed out of the comp.

It's my first trip to Bolton Grosvenor and I've heard mixed reports about the place, but as this is APAT members only I suppose it'll be a very different experience to playing with all the locals. A couple of fish from RTR are heading there too (BurnleyMik, Ant, Kronsdat and Snake) and Martin 'BigBills' Devlin is also playing so it promises to be a good 'un.

I played last week in the £250 Sattellite final at AWOP HQ - 18 Runners 4 M/E Seats. I fucked it up early doors trying to bet Paul Murphy off his flopped top pair when I held AK and missed. Second half of my stack went slowly, getting churned by the blinds and eventually losing a race for a 9k pot. Missed loads of good shoving spots prior to this though and generally played pretty poorly. GG Garden.

I'm taking one last crack at a GUKPT M/E seat tonight on BlueSQ $100 r/b. I've already binked my first $100 in one of the shitty $5 rebuy sats so I'm $90 in profit already :-). If I make the break I'll take an add-on, but dont plan on rebuying. Last time I played on of these I came super-close to a seat so hopefully I can go one better.

Played a bit online since my Betfair wins but only result was a deep run in the $20.5k GTD 6-max on FTP, finishing 18th for $235 - AJ no match for 77, but I'd bluffed off half my stack about half an hour before. WP.

As a warm up for Bolton I'm shooting down to Blackpool G on Thrusday night for the £40 T/C. This is becoming a very well supported comp with 80+ runners and there is some good value to be had in the field. Just short of the FT last time....becomes a bit of a crap shoot towards the end, but it does have to get finished.

I've enjoyed spending some of my recent winnings on non-poker or bills realted stuff. I don't usually do this and end up either re-donanting or at best paying the bills. I've had loas of jobs pending on my house for ages so I've stuck a grand into getting some of them sorted. £200 goes to the missus for a new pair of glasses (I'll be fucked if she see's what I actually look like) and I've just spunked £100 on a new jacket for myself. I've spent about £300 on nights out as well :-(. Got a bit back to jizz on poker but I'm in no rush. I've just got a little schedule planned out for what comps and sats etc I want to play online. Giving cash games a little break again as I was starting to tilt badly.


Mr Origami said...

GL at the weekend Dave!

NoCash said...

Cheers Mr O!

BurnleyMik said...

Hey dave,

I am working this week, but I fancy a crack at that £40 TC next Thursday if you are up for it. maybe get DoV along as well?

I'll see you Saturday anyways. I will be fashionably late..lol. I am working all night Friday so I might turn up a bit late and zombiefied!

rubbish said...

Good luck on the weekend mate, run good one time and all that.

Kevin Stevens said...

Good luck fella.

rubbish said...

How did you get on then?