Winning @ Poker!

Yep. Actually winning at poker at the moment. WTF!!!

Last night I played another £20 r/b super sat for the GUKPT Blackpool M/E £250 final sat at AWOP HQ and got a seat. Had a torrid time during the rebuy period, but eventually managed to come back after the break with 9.5k after my 5k add-on. 14 runners generated four seats and two cash prizes of £60 and £40. Coming up to the bubble with the Blinds at 1500/3000 I was getting pretty damn short with 12k and eventuall called an all-in from the other shortstack, Gez Hilton. I table A8s, him JQs. 8 on the flop and A on the river did the trick. Now I had some time to fold and wait for hands or other shortstacks to bust. Eventually it was Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby who lived up to his name and bubbled the seats for £60.
I think the final is later this month. 18 Runners with 4 Main Event Seats up for grabs. Bring it on. Probably gonna be live on

Also started playing micro stakes cash online again and it's going really well. I don't want to jinx myself by posting graphs just yet, but I'm just over 13 BIs up (before rake back), playing 25 NL in about 10k hands. solely playing on Full Tilt now...I just find the games easier than iPoker. Oddly, I was four tabling, but I've just started 6 tabling (it keeps me out of trouble) and my win rate has improved. Overall my current win rate is 12.5bb/100. I'm now actually rolled for the stakes i'm playing! First time for everything.

I look forward to writing me next post where I'll go into detail about how I jizzed off an $800 roll.


ROSSI said...

alright mate.

have linked your blog up. whats yr screen name on FT?
See ya on the $0.10/$0.25 6-max tarbs.

Dream of Vegas said...

Ha was gonna text to see how you did, nice one fella. See u @ the ME final tarb lol . . .

Very nice results and beating Full Tilts RNG to you are on fire!! Although the RNG does favour the donks apparentley, hmmmmm ;o)

ROSSI said...

N Ross
cant recall ya giving it big licks in the chat box whilst i have been on LOL.

rubbish said...

Concur with DOV, cash tables on FT are full of donks.
WP on the ME, take it down.

NoCash said...

Seeing a lot of 'online poker is rigged' lately. I blame Mik!

But one more donk don't matter then :-)

Rossi, I'll check my db and see if I have played you. Don't think I have though.